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Romney Has Highest Potential to Turn Around US Economy According to CEOs

Most CEOs think Mitt Romney is the Republican candidate with the most promise of turning around the U.S. economy. Over 82 percent of CEOs ranked Romney’s potential to turn around the economy as ‘good’ or better. Just over 59 percent of CEOs think Romney’s closest competitor, Herman Cain, has ‘good’ or better potential to turn around the economy. Texas Governor Rick Perry fell from 65.8 percent to 48.9 percent positive potential from September to October.

It’s no coincidence that CEOs prefer the candidate who they believe is most capable of bringing the U.S. economy back up to speed. When asked to rate a candidate’s ability to turn around our economy (upon coming President) on a scale of 1 to 10, more than 82 percent of CEOs gave Mitt Romney a score of 6 or higher, 6 being ‘good.’ Romney’s average overall score was a 6.99 out of 10.

The next-closest candidate was Herman Cain, with almost 66 percent giving him a ‘good’ score or better, had an overall average of 6.06 out of ten.

The other Republican candidates’ average scores were as follows:

  • Rick Perry: 5.21
  • Newt Gingrich: 5.11
  • Jon Huntsman: 4.99
  • Rick Santorum: 4.53
  • Ron Paul: 3.93
  • Michele Bachmann: 3.29

CEOs have been consistently disappointed with the Obama administration, and one CEO even said, “The next 12 months are as uncertain as any other time. This current administration is the most anti-free market of any during my lifetime.”

Many see the 2012 election as a potential catalyst for change and are waiting to see what happens next November. One CEO believes that Washington is the reason for our economic woes and not businesses, “It is not business that is the problem in this economy, it is the political uncertainty.”

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