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Salesforce CEO Benioff Heeds Call for European Data Centers

The demands of many companies in Europe, which want Internet infrastructure within their own national borders, are being heard. “Germany wants the German cloud, France wants the France cloud and UK wants the UK cloud,” Salesforce.com Inc. CEO Marc Benioff says. And he plans to deliver.

In its earnings call late last week,  Mr. Benioff underscored the company’s continued focus on Europe, and cited growth in the market there. Part of the firm’s strategy includes building data centers in areas such as the U.K., France and Germany, as companies there demand infrastructure within their borders.

“Cloud is going mainstream and these countries want to make sure that these clouds are part of their national infrastructure and are part of their national assets,” Mr. Benioff said on the earnings call.

“Big companies have a newish issue – or at least one exacerbated by the Internet – to deal with: adhering to the law of the land while running a shared service infrastructure,” says Ted Schadler, an analyst at Forrester Research Inc.

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