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Six Ways Business Has Changed (And Maybe For Good)

It’s not a bold realization that the business world is changing; as a CEO you see technological as well as …

It’s not a bold realization that the business world is changing; as a CEO you see technological as well as culture changes every day.  But have you ever really thought about the way that the workplace looks now, and consequently where it will go in the future? Since we have seen such rapid change, it’s necessary to take time to take stock of it; this is the only way you’ll have a handle on what lies in store for the future.

An article in US News & World Report outlined six specific ways that all business environments have changed. Here’s a window into current (and future) realities:

  1. Flexibility abounds – technology allows employees to work remotely when necessary
  2. More people are working for themselves – entrepreneurialism is on the rise, more people started to work for themselves in 2010 than in any of the previous 15 years
  3. Not sticking with one job for a lifetime – employees change jobs more frequently, which means companies need to increase focus on retention
  4. Work-life balance is a priority – the new generation expects life and work to be fulfilling (and so in order to retain them, companies need to work on giving balance)
  5. Personal branding is all the rage – employees define themselves and their skillset, setting them up for future career moves
  6. Long-term unemployment could be here to stay –44 percent of unemployed workers have been out of work for more than six months and this number may not decrease

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