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SMBs Are Starting to Embrace Hybrid Clouds

Hybrid clouds are gaining momentum among U.S. small businesses and are becoming entrenched in the mid-market.

That’s according to a new survey from Techaisle, which says hybrid cloud accounts represent 18% of SMBs using the cloud and 32% of cloud-using mid-market businesses.

The survey of 1,455 U.S. SMBs also reveals that use of a “hybrid-only” cloud is expected to increase by 87%.

The proportion of all SMBs using a combination of private and hybrid clouds is expected to more than double, and use of all three (public/private/hybrid) clouds is expected to increase even more.

Techaisle’s SMB cloud survey data also show that less than 40 percent of cloud-using mid-market businesses rely on a single delivery approach for cloud. One-quarter use only private cloud and one-third use two different delivery approaches, with the most common being a combination of private and hybrid cloud or private/public cloud.

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