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Stop Designing for the Internet First

Toddlers are now using touch-screen tablet computers. Small children now swipe the surfaces of television screens expecting them to work like a mobile device. These may be your future consumers, and they already have mobile technology ingrained in their processes. It used to be that your company’s website was accessed only through a personal computer, and so that’s the interface on which your company focused. Now, it’s time to design for mobile first and the internet second.

The game is changing.  While personal computers are still used frequently for work and web-browsing, an increasing amount of media consumption is being done on mobile devices.  Smartphones and tablet computers are taking over.

Business-owners now not only need a web strategy, but they need a mobile strategy.  In this article and video from FastCompany, executives discuss how mobile adoption is changing the face of business.  The argument now is that CEOs should shift their focus from the web to mobility.  It’s no longer practical to plan for customer interaction on a personal computer, but rather mobile devices are where your points of contact will be.

In the video, investor and entrepreneur Howard Lindzon says, “This generation is going to grow up thinking and speaking in a language that’s different from ours.”

Also, David Tisch, Managing Director and Investor of TechStars NYC says, “I think smart phones are putting tools in the hands of people that were never there before. When they do move on to a computer, the expectations for what the web is, is probably going to be a lot more powerful than what today’s web looks like. I think mobile is going to push web to innovate even more.”

It’s time for companies to start designing primarily for mobile devices, and then design for the internet.

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