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CEO Lessons Learned from a Severe Cyber Attack

Last year, Dido Harding found herself having to deal with one of Britain's worst ever cyber attacks. And, to make matters worse, the CEO of TalkTalk, one of the country's biggest telecom companies, was completely in the dark.

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Oil Back at $100? CEO Warns of Price Shock

Oil prices have been down in the dumps for so long that CEOs could be forgiven for assuming a structural change has taken place in the market that will keep them low long into the future.

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Why CEOs Must be Discoverers-in-Chief

Constantly coming up with the best thing since sliced bread may be a tough task, but that's what CEOs must do if they want to stay relevant, according to the head of the Panera baking chain.

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Should CEOs Facing Personal Scandals Quit?

The head of one of Britain's biggest banks has found himself in the testy position of having an element of his personal life exposed in the tabloid press.

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Challenges Loom Large as Apple CEO Tim Cook Approaches Five-Year Milestone

It's hard to imagine a bigger pair of shoes to fill than those of Steve Jobs. The late co-founder and CEO of Apple is credited with inventing some of recent history's most revolutionary products, leaving his successor with the unenviable task of finding the next big thing.

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