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Pitney Bowes Executive Chairman Mike Critelli has a strategy on reducing carbon emissions from vehicles through his blog Open Mike. Chiefexecutive.net felt it deserves the attention of readers

More and more CEOs within Corporate America are finally dealing with issues of global warming and climate change that has taken centre stage worldwide. The U.S. Supreme Court’s landmark judgment, in April, that said that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has the authority to regulate carbon dioxide emissions from vehicles and classifying CO2 as pollutant has only helped add fuel to the growing pressure on combating environmental pollution and global warming.  

Mike Critelli, executive chairman of Pitney Bowes who has earned praise as an independent thinker, besides his decades of experience as a global business leader feels that “the biggest opportunity to address both the issues in one strategy is the reduction of carbon from vehicle emissions into the air.” In “Open Mike”, his regular blog launched a few months ago, Critelli offers “Environmental Improvement Strategiesfor reducing carbon vehicles emissions and environmental pollution with what he calls as some of the “no-brainers”. 

He asks: Why not eliminate all toll plazas and substitute either E-Z-Pass-type solutions or photos that capture a driver’s license plate number and result in a bill being sent to the driver?

Why not give many more voters the chance to vote by mail?

Why not have more government license acquisition transactions done by mail or over the Internet? And€¦

Why not have more pharmaceuticals delivered by mail or through a local delivery system serving a number of small merchants, particularly to elderly citizens?  

His suggestions though may be open to questions like: will such measures be widely accepted to make them feasible? And how effective will such “no-brainers” turn out to be considering the fact that motor vehicles are responsible for releasing 20 percent of the U.S. carbon dioxide emissions.   

Critelli writes that apart from those actions “we need to look at all of our governmental and private sector actions through a different set of lenses.” 

Pitney Bowes was, last week, honored by the National Business Group on Health for its behavioral health services program that helps employees with behavioral health issues, regardless of cause, to overcome them through early intervention to be able to return to work promptly. In “Adherence to Treatment Plans“, Critelli discusses arguments like “How do employers confidentially and optimally encourage employees to be compliant with the treatment plans they develop with their physicians?” and what they can do about it. 

CEO Who Loves Going to the Movies 

Bill Marriott is arguably the only Fortune 500 company CEO who has made public his love for movies, especially the Westerns. In Marriott on the Movehe even reviews the latest western he saw: 3:10 to Yuma, which has Russell Crowe as the hero.

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