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Yahoo!’s yin and yang The world’s second biggest search engine company Yahoo! Inc. may have ridden over its yin and discovered …

Yahoo!’s yin and yang 

The world’s second biggest search engine company Yahoo! Inc. may have ridden over its yin and discovered its yang as it announced, last Tuesday, that its third quarter revenue grew to at $1.8 billion, a 12 percent rise from the same period last year, beating Wall Street’s lower expectations. Its net profit slid to $151 million from $159 million, a year ago but that did not stop its stock from going up. Now the internet giant is focused on covering lost ground to its rival Google Inc.  

Expectedly, Yahoo! co-founder and CEO Jerry Yang set about defining his company’s forward-looking plans through his blog titled “Where Does Yahoo! Head Next?. Yang first chose to quell rumors and speculations that have been doing the rounds since he took over the CEO’s mantle, in June, from Terry Semel with: “There’s been much curiosity and speculation about what’s been happening here at Yahoo! over the past few months” before unraveling Yahoo!’s future plans. 

The blogosphere has been flooded with insights on Yang’s turnaround gameplan for Yahoo! with the pick of the lot being Elinor Mills of cnet’s news.com, who in her blog “Congratulations Jerry Yang: What’s next?delves into the hits and misses of the company as well as areas where Yahoo! can capitalize. She quotes Yahoo! President Sue Decker as saying “the company wants to change the game” and “provide an integrated experience that goes beyond search to complete tasks.” 

Just what that means is explained by Yang in his blog. “We are placing our bets in three big multi-year objectives,” writes Yang, outlining in details the three: 1. Become the starting point for most consumers; 2. Become the must-buy for advertisers; 3. Deliver open, industry-leading platforms that attract the most publishers and developers. 

Yang’s 100 days of business review also included a management reshuffle. The latest among top level executives listed to exit Yahoo! was its Chief Marketing Officer Cammie Dunaway, who will leave the Sunnyvale, California-based company effective November 2. 

To: steveb@microsoft.com
subject: Proposal to sell our products to Microsoft

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer created a flutter, last week, at the Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco, California by giving out his email ID (steveb@microsoft.com) to what according to Michael Calore in “Ballmer: Microsoft Will Buy 20 Companies a Year for 5 Years” was “inviting entrepreneurs to pitch him any products they may want to sell.”

And when conference host John Batelle said: “My god, you’re about to get a thousand e-mails,” Ballmer promptly responded: “Maybe one will be worth buying.”

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