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The Impact of U.S. Media Going Global

  Buoyed by consistent increasing traffic from outside the US and a rising global appetite for the US news, US …


Buoyed by consistent increasing traffic from outside the US and a rising global appetite for the US news, US media is increasingly going global feels Richard Edelman, whilst pointing out how this trend could immensely benefit the PR professionals worldwide. Citing two leading media houses as an example – Time magazine and The New York Times – Edelman says both of these media empires are capitalizing on the recent rise in interest outside the US in American news as told by American media and this has several implications for PR people, he says.

Edelman feels that this outward reach has long been true of the UK based media, especially the BBC, Economist and Financial Times, but now with an emerging trend of appetite for news outside one’s own region it is very much true with US as well. “The New York Times web site is attracting 37 million monthly unique visitors from outside of the US, almost twice as many as the 21 million from the US and the non-US circulation for Time’s print products is about � of the total of 4 million,” he says.

The content of Time outside of the US is more skewed to business. Fifty percent of the content for each edition is generated from the US, the balance from regional bureaus. According to Elliott, “the reader is interested in issues outside of the region. He or she is a globally minded person,” says Edelman quoting Michael Elliot, Editor Time International.

In an advisory blog posting, US Media Goes Global,” Richard Edelman President and CEO of Edelman, the global independent PR consulting firm based in NY says with the increasing trend of the media industry going global, there is a need for speed in posting content which has led to a fundamental re-ordering of the editor’s job and this could mean a lot of business for the public relations industry, he says.

Referring to his recent meeting with Graham Bowley of NY Times, Edelman points out how the job of an editor is fast changing and what it means to the PR industry. “Bowley told me about one of his reporters was in Berlin covering Senator Obama, moving from event to event. The reporter received a copy of the speech in advance and had written some parts of the story. Bowley then wrote several paragraphs to provide context to the article, which was then posted to the web site,” writes Edelman.

“There are several implications for PR people. Given the competitive race to post stories, we can help by providing reporters on the run advance copies of speeches or press releases so they can write some copy ahead of the event,” he says adding: “We need to work with editors, not just reporters, because more of the content is being written by the editor at home office by dint of necessity.”

Interestingly, the overall traffic at the US news portals is impressively on the high. Newspaper websites in US attracted an average of nearly 66.4 million unique visitors per month (40.2% of all internet users) in the second quarter, a 12.2% increase over the year-earlier period, according to a Nielsen Online custom analysis for the Newspaper Association of America.

However, according to Nielsen//NetRatings 2007 figures, the media researcher, Guardian Unlimited and TimesOnline, the UK’s two largest “quality” newspaper websites in terms of users, have more American than British readers. The Independent is nearly twice as popular in the US as on its home turf. Perhaps most strikingly, the Daily Mail, commonly regarded as speaking to Middle England, has more than three times as many US readers online as British ones, a report published Times Online UK said.

Additionally a report from the UK based Newspaper Marketing Agency, aggregated the web traffic statistics of the 16 national titles owned by its members, which found that the UK online national newspapers attracted 94.8 million unique visitors in June, with 59.3 million unique visitors from countries other than UK.


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