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The Last Word: Global Manufacturing News

From China to Arizona to the UK, here’s what’s going on in manufacturing this week.

China Manufacturing Shrinks for 4th Month

China’s manufacturing contracted in April for the fourth straight month but the pace of decline was less severe, suggesting the downturn in the world’s No. 2 economy is bottoming out.

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Coke, Timberland Reduce Manufacturing Costs With Product Sustainability

Sustainability skeptics often claim that companies invest in product sustainability primarily to “look good” in the eyes of consumers. By their logic, the only fiscal benefits of sustainability come from increased sales related to brand enhancement. To them, sustainability is just another form of brand marketing.

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Pfizer Says Manufacturing Will Stay in UK if it Buys AstraZeneca

Pfizer will keep a “substantial” level of manufacturing in the UK if it takes over AstraZeneca, said the CEO in a letter to the country’s Prime Minister.

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No Injuries in Phoenix Manufacturing Plant Blaze

Phoenix firefighters say nobody was injured in a fire at a manufacturing plant. Phoenix Fire Capt. Tony Mure says chemicals and solvents ignited a small flash fire in a booth and 20 workers had to be evacuated. Authorities say the cause is under investigation.

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Ford, Where Virtual Reality Is Already Manufacturing Reality

When Facebook announced its $2 billion acquisition of Oculus VR in March, founder Mark Zuckerberg talked of applying virtual reality in different industries. A heated debate was sparked as to whether businesses could really use the technology to good effect. Car manufacturer Ford has a clear answer to that question: yes, it can revolutionize development.

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How A New Super-Efficient Solar Cell Technology Just Got Better

A promising new solar cell technology just got an added boost from two separate teams of researchers, who successfully replaced its lead component with non-hazardous tin.

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