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With this issue, you have a third and final chance to nominate a candidate of your choice for 1994 Chief …

With this issue, you have a third and final chance to nominate a candidate of your choice for 1994 Chief Executive of the Year. The nominating ballot is enclosed in the same pouch as this issue. If you haven’t yet sent us your nomination, please do so before our March 21 deadline. We value your input. The most frequently nominated 10 candidates become the finalists. Each year, we convene a board of judges-most of whom are present or former chief executives-to size up the nominees and select a winner. (This year’s selection committee is listed nearby.)

In the eight years since the award’s inception, your nominating remarks have brought to the judges’ attention worthy CEOs who otherwise would have been overlooked. The aim of this award is twofold. We think it important to honor a current CEO whose leadership and performance are not only outstanding, but also serve as a model to others. In addition, business leaders receive awards from many corners, but this honor is unique in that it is decided by one’s peers. Please keep in mind, however, that past honorees are ineligible for selection. Because of the wealth of available talent, no one needs to be recognized more than once. (Note that in line with tradition, GE’s Jack Welch, last year’s choice, assumes the post of honorary chairman of this year’s selection committee.)

Inside CE, we are introducing a new department, “Transitions,” compiled by associate editor Lorri Grube. The column will catalog the changes in the corner office. Until recently, change at the CEO level was gradual. Now it is anything but. Amid the volatility, we offer you a source to keep abreast, or keep score. From time to time, we will extend the Q&A format of our cover story to feature other CEOs both in North America and around the world. In this issue, we chat with Didier PineauValencienne, chairman and chief executive of France’s Groupe Schneider. In April, managing editor Joseph L. McCarthy catches up with Chemical’s Walter Shipley, talking about the bank’s two-year-old merger with Manny Hanny and the future of big banking.

Meanwhile, the long-awaited CE assessment of the best and worst boards of directors also will debut next issue. Bob Lear and Boris Yavitz have canvassed the major corporations, reading some 250 proxies at last count, a feat in itself. Their picks, as well as their criteria for what makes for a good and poor board, should generate strong comment. As always, we welcome yours.

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J.P. Donlon
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