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TOP 10 Reasons to Green IT

TOP 10 Reasons to Green ITRankReason1Saves money: PC power management software can cut energy costs by $20-60 dollars per PC …

TOP 10 Reasons to Green IT




Saves money: PC power management software can cut energy costs by $20-60 dollars per PC per PC, which can translate to six- and seven-figure annual savings for large enterprises


Right thing to do: Implementing effective PC power management strategies in the enterprise provides a way for the business to do its part in helping the environment by avoiding carbon emissions


It’s not easy being not green: Replacing office equipment can be time- and cost- intensive. But making the existing equipment more energy-efficient is a fast and easy process that pays off within months, and makes it difficult being not green


Sustainable Operations: leads to sustained growth :Putting a computer in sleep mode during inactive times can cut energy use on average 60-70 percent and up to 90 percent in aggressive scenarios


Attract and retain customers: Large enterprises can cut PC carbon emission by as much as 440 pounds per year per PC which can literally mean savings of thousands of tons of carbon each year, simply by managing PC power consumption.


Inspire employees: When the employees know their computers are using less than half the power they used to, with no impact on productivity, they’ll know they personally are helping to reduce the company’s carbon footprint


Improved reputation and brand value: Investing in a strong sustainability program (which can be led with Green IT) and communicating the value to the customers and stakeholders can do wonders for the reputation and brand


Be a cost-savings and sustainability hero for the organization: Curb the expenses and the excess carbon emissions through the introduction of power management ideas and employee will become a hero for the organization on both fronts: sustainability and cost-savings


Lower exposure to energy prices: By reducing the amount of power required to operate the business, the employee mitigates the risk from factors well outside of his control.


Energy-efficient IT is high performance IT: IT equipment can account for nine percent of all energy consumed by businesses- the third-largest source of power for the commercial sector. Putting power management policies in place is the easiest way to control power consumption across the network

Source : Environmental Leader & Verdiem

** Green companies are those that are working to reduce energy consumption in their IT equipment and that are using technology to conserve energy and lower carbon emissions in order to improve their environmental performance

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