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Percy Barnevik, 56, was elected chairman of Stockholm-based Investor AB, an industrial holding company with $14 billion in assets. Also …

  • Percy Barnevik, 56, was elected chairman of Stockholm-based Investor AB, an industrial holding company with $14 billion in assets. Also chairman of ABB ASEA Brown Boveri Ltd. and Sandvik AB, Barnevik succeeds Peter Wallenberg, 70, who retired.
  • Eric E. Schmidt, 41, was named chairman and chief executive of Provo, UT-based Novell Inc., a $1.3 billion network software maker. Schmidt, former chief technology officer of Sun Microsystems, succeeds Robert J. Frankenburg, 47, who resigned last August.
  • Marshall S. Cogan, 59, was appointed chairman and chief executive of New York-based United Auto Group, Inc., a $1.6 billion automotive retailer. Cogan, also vice chairman, succeeds Carl Speilvogel, 68.
  • Klaus G. Dorfi, 54, was named chairman and chief executive of New York-based Atlantic Mutual Cos., a $600 million property/casualty insurance company. Formerly president and COO, Dorfi replaces Kenneth J.Gorman, 65, who retired. Kermit C. Smith, 51, succeeds Dorfi.
  • Richard B. Fizdale, 57, was renamed chief executive of Chicago-based Leo Burnett Company, an $858 million advertising agency. Fizdale, also chairman and chief creative officer, stepped down as chief executive in March 1993. He reassumes the CEO position from William T. Lynch, 54. James G. Oates, 53, succeeds Lynch as president.
  • Hakan Frisinger, 68, was named chairman of Sweden-based AB Volvo, a $24 billion car and truck maker. Frisinger succeeds the late Bert-Olof Svanholm, who died in March following a long illness.
  • Thomas A. Gildehaus was appointed chairman and chief executive of Sterling, IL-based Northwestern Steel and Wire Co., a $661 million producer of structural steel components. Gildehaus, previously president and CEO of UNR Industries, Inc., succeeds Robert N. Gurnitz, who resigned.
  • Phillip E. Hawkins, 45, was named president and chief executive of The Penn Traffic Company, a $3.3 billion supermarket company based in Syracuse, NY. Formerly senior vice president at Vons Co., Hawkins succeeds John T. Dixon, 57, who retired in September 1996.
  • R. Craig Hoenshell, 52, was appointed chairman and chief executive of Garden City, NY-based Avis, Inc., the car-rental unit of HFS, Inc., a $799 million consumer services company. Hoenshell, formerly president of American Express International, succeeds Joseph V. Vittoria, 61, who retired.
  • Marvin L. Isles, 51, was elected and chief executive of Fond du Lac, WI-based Giddings & Lewis Inc., a $763 million maker of industrial automation products and machine tools. Isles, previously president and COO, succeeds Joseph R. Coppola, 66, who remains chairman.
  • Dennis Malamatinas, 41, was named chief executive of Miami-based Burger King Corp., the $9 billion fast food chain subsidiary of Grand Metropolitan PLC. Formerly executive director and president of Grand Metropolitan’s IDV Asia Pacific, Malamatinas replaces Robert C. Lowes, 51.
  • Kenneth J. Martin, 43, was named president of Madison, NJ-based Whitehall Robins Healthcare, a $1.5 billion division of American Home Products, Inc. and maker of consumer health-care products such as Advil and Robitussin. Martin succeeds Terrence L. Stecz, now special assistant to American Home’s chief executive, John R. Stafford.
  • C. Steven McMillan, 50, was appointed president of Chicago-based Sara Lee Corp., an $18.6 billion food and consumer products company. McMillan was formerly executive vice president at Sara Lee.
  • James P. Roemer, 49, president of Skokie, IL-based Bell & Howell Co., was elected chief executive. Roemer succeeds William J. White, 58, who remains chairman of this $903 million solutions provider for information access and dissemination.
  • Phillip B. Rooney, 52, resigned as president and chief executive of $9.1 billion WMX Technologies, Inc., a provider of integrated waste management services. Rooney is temporarily replaced by Dean Buntrock, 65, who is also founder, chairman, and until last June, chief executive.
  • George W Tamke, 49, was elected president of St. Louis-based Emerson Electric Co., a $11.1 billion electrical and electronics equipment maker. Formerly executive vice president, Tamke takes over the duties of president from Charles F. Knight, 61, who is also chairman and chief executive.
  • William L. Davis, 53, was named chairman and chief executive of Chicago-based R.R. Donnelley & Sons Co., a $6.6 bill ion commercial printer. Formerly senior executive vp at Emerson Electric Co., Davis succeeds John Walter, who left in October to become AT&T’s president and COO.
  • John W Teets, 63, will not stand for reelection as a director of $2.3 billion Viad Corp., a provider of catering, convention, and payment services. Teets resigned as chairman and chief executive of Phoenix, AZ-based Viad on Jan 1, 1997, and was succeeded by Robert H. Bohannon, 52.

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