2011 Editorial Calendar

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January/February Strategy/Finance: The impact of continued uncertainty on business, investment, jobs, and growth + The U.S. as political risk—roadmap to sovereign debt crisis, downgrading U.S. as borrower (Cheryl Einhorn).

Governance: Proxy Access: What Will It Mean
for the 2011 proxy season? With the SEC granting owners of 3 percent of a company’s shares the right to nominate their own directors on the company’s election slate, some worry that it will allow special interest groups to place activists on their boards (William J. Holstein).

Global: China’s emerging leaders. Eight prominent leaders from the ranks of the dynamic next generation CEOs (Rebecca Fannin).

Insights from INSEAD: CEOs that have the innovator’s DNA (Hal Gregersen).

The Essentials for Personal Effectiveness: How to get the most from your CFO/Fran Hawthorne Executive Life: Private aviation—a day in the life of “road” warriors and how they use private aviation to aid their productivity (Michael Gelfand).

23-Nov 30-Nov 30-Dec
March/Arpil CEO2CEO Summit: Coverage of CEO event

Compensation & Performance: Do Companies Really Pay for Performance? Some experts recommend stock options that can’t be exercised for five years. Others say performance shares are the way to go (Russ Banham).

Technology & Innovation: Measuring Returns on R&D, what the better innovators do (Dale Buss).

Finance: Orphan strategies. How to get noticed and improve your valuation when your company is not well covered or understood by Wall Street (Russ Banham).

Enterprise Risk: How Vulnerable Are You To Cyber-sabotage? Cyber attacks and Internet scamming raise concerns about of protecting data and preserving intellectual assets from disruption (Dale Buss).

Private Lives of CEOs: The Silver Spoon Dilemma. What do Tommy Hilfiger, Terry Semel and Meg Whitman have in common besides success in the corporate world? They’ve all had to bail their wayward adult children out of jail (C.J. Prince).

The Essentials for Personal Effectiveness: Where Did the Time Go? How effective leaders manage the scarcest resource so they have sufficient time to reflect (John Kador).

Executive Life: Resort club and unique spa getaways outside the U.S. (Michael Gelfand)

18-Jan 1-Feb 4-Mar
May/June Special Report: Best/Worst States in which to do business. Annual survey of CEO opinion along with performance data of how the states compare.

Business expansion: Who’s Making Progress? How companies choose and how states attract-3 case studies (Dale Buss).

Technology & Innovation: How SME CEOs Innovate (William J. Holstein).

Compensation & Performance: How the troubled pension systems of states affect their overall competitiveness. (Cheryl Einhorn)

Trends & Developments: Women: The Next Tipping Point. 72 percent of all high school valedictorians in 2009 were women. Women now graduate from college in far higher numbers than men. Over the past two decades women have contributed more to the global GDP than either new technology, China or India. Fortune 500 companies with more women board members report a 50 percent better return on equity than those that have fewer or no women on their boards. It is clear that as women continue to enter the workforce and the ranks of business entrepreneurs, many of the rules of business will change (John Kador).

The Essentials for Personal Effectiveness: How to get the most from your CIO.

Technology & Innovation: Measuring returns on R&D, what the better innovators do (Dale Buss)

Executive Life: Second homes – getaway locations for a family retreat (Michael Gelfand).

15-Mar 29-Mar 29-Apr
July/August Cover: 2011 Chief Executive of the Year. Who will follow Hugh Grant, Jim Skinner, Anne Mulcahy, Bob Ulrich, A.G. Lafley, George David, Fred Smith and 18 previous honorees of this peer-selected award?

Technology & Innovation: What every CEO needs to know about cloud computing. (William Holstein).

IT: Taxonomy of Technology Investment for Strategic Advantage (Rebecca Fannin).

Marketing: Marketing in an Over-Communicated Economy. Resources are finite, communications channels are prolific, social media is ubiquitous, but what is its real import for messaging and brands? (Dale Buss).

Trends & Developments: The Threat of Scientific Illiteracy to Our Nation’s Future and what, if anything, business leaders can do about it.

The Essentials for Personal Effectiveness: How to get the most from your CMO (John Kador).

Executive Life: Gotta-Have Gadgets for personal effectiveness or fun (Michael Gelfand).

10-May 24-May 24-Jun
September/October Events: 2010 Chief Executive of the Year is celebrated at the NYSE.

Roundtables: Coverage of CEO events

Sales: Raising Sales Force Effectiveness: What works; What doesn’t (Howard Stevens, HR Chally)

Leadership: How to know when it’s really you who’s in the way (C.J. Prince).

Finance: Prepping Your Company for Sale (Russ Banham).

The Essentials for Personal Effectiveness: When and How Should You Blog…if at all? (John Kador)

Executive Life: The Top 10 Cars for CEOs (William J. Holstein).

16-Jul 19-Jul 19-Aug
November/December Special Report: Outlook for 2012, an agenda for CEOs. What are on the minds of thoughtful business leaders as they assess critical issues and concerns facing business in the coming year? (Dale Buss)

Leadership Development: Top 25 companies for leaders: In partnership with HR Chally, CE’s annual review and ranking of the best companies for developing leaders.

Performance: CEO Wealth Creators…and Destroyers! In partnership with Applied Finance Group CE ranks S&P 500 CEOs who have served at least three years at the helm (Drew Morris)

Technology & Innovation: The future of mobility (William Holstein)

Law: University of Chicago’s Richard Epstein comments on legal trends and developments pertinent to business.

The Essentials for Personal Effectiveness: How to get the most from your HR chief (Fran Hawthorne)

Executive Life: luxurious destinations for sand, surf or snow (Michael Gelfand).

7-Sep 21-Sep 22-Oct