Leading In An Unpredictable World

Three ways business leaders can drive both growth and innovation in today’s fast-evolving and unpredictable environment.

Stanley Black & Decker Launches Upskilling Grants For Non-Profits

Giant tool maker commits $25 million to trainers of skilled trades and construction workers under CEO Jim Loree.

Going Public? Pay Attention To Board Composition

Ideally, you should have the board in place and prepared for work at least 12 months before the day you want to ring the exchange bell.

How To Build Trust Within Your Leadership Teams

Great leadership teams don’t happen by accident. They take a great deal of effort, planning, communication and willingness to make things work.

4 Ways CEOs Can Encourage Internal Innovation

At Infragistics, adopting a culture of innovation starts during the hiring process and includes inspiring passion through an internal innovation lab and encouraging the autonomy to run with ideas.

It’s 2021—Women Reaching The C-Suite Shouldn’t Be Historic

Women have demonstrated we are willing to do the work, to log the long hours, to make the sacrifices—but you can't lean into a door that's barred shut. The system has to change.

Building Infrastructure In Real Time: Avoiding Regulatory Paralysis

The U.S. lags advanced nations’ infrastructure and desperately needs Congress to pass a bipartisan infrastructure bill to enable us to prosper at home and compete globally.
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Lokai CEO Steven Izen Says In Sport And Business “It’s All About the People”

In this edition of our Corporate Competitor Podcast, Steven Izen traces his love for competing in track relays to building winning teams in the two highly regarded companies he founded, Lokai and Elements.

Guiding the Next Generation Of Leaders Through Digital Transformation

To be the leaders we need for the future, our top people must have three critical skills: the ability to show empathy, to embrace the diversity of voice and thought, and to maintain an agile mindset.

Getting Real With Augmented Reality

Once the stuff of sci-fi movies, AR technology has now reached the point of easy adoption, and can help companies in a variety of ways.

The Great Resignation: 3 Steps To Retain Your Valuable Talent

Assess your team for signs that they are about to quit, empower them to clarify and own what they need to be engaged at work, and leverage creative solutions to keep them.

Three Ways CEOs Can Foster Positive Company Culture In A Hybrid Work World

If the need for employee flexibility is properly balanced with the need for maintaining a strong company culture, one does not have to come at the expense of the other.


CEO Confidence Continues To Slide In September As Labor, Washington And Covid Worries Grow

Chief Executive’s latest poll finds U.S. CEOs increasingly concerned that labor shortages and Biden-era policies will stall chances to rebound from the pandemic.
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Leading Through Uncertainty And Change

The military’s collaborative planning process creates a shared information environment that enables rapid adjustments during changing circumstances. Here’s how you can use it to increase agility and stay competitive.

Mercedes-Benz’s New U.S. Chief Faces Chip Shortage, EV Opportunity

Psillakis must wrangle sales now while serving as point for automaker’s crucial introduction of all-electric EQS platform.

Posthumous Lessons For Surviving The Unthinkable

With indefatigable tenacity, prescient decision-making and a whole lot of heart, Kent Taylor led Texas Roadhouse through the pandemic and enabled it to emerge better for its scars.

Industry And Technology Convergence: The Next Frontier

The secret to convergence on the larger scale is to view technology not as an end in itself, but as a set of tools that can be combined again and again in flexible ways to solve different problems.

HBR’s Adi Ignatius: “Act Like It Matters…But Keep It Loose”

In this edition of our Corporate Competitor Podcast, Harvard Business Review’s top editor shares how seriousness of purpose and an absurd sense of humor can prove a winning combination in sports and business.


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