Selling to corporations takes perseverance and smarts:  long sales cycles and layers of decision makers often results in frustration and paralysis.  In every organization, multiple decision makers means multiple agendas.  Many people can derail your purchase decision, and few have the authority to say “yes.”Smart marketers are dramatically reducing their sales cycles and short-cutting complex bureaucracies by speaking to the ultimate decision-maker: the CEO. They know that dramatic shifts in the U.S. business environment over the past 5 years have resulted in the increased involvement of the CEO in most major corporate purchase decisions.If you can provide value and demonstrate return on investment to the CEO, there is a near-certainty of winning their business—and there’s no one who can stop you.Discover what IBM, Ernst & Young, FedEx, GE Capital and other growing brands have learned: that selling to CEOs can be less expensive, faster and more profitable than nearly any other activity.

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“Dramatic shifts in business conditions have not only impacted the way organizations now conduct business, but have also inserted CEOs further into the decision making process for many investments. Chief Executives affect decisions enterprise-wide, from marketing to finance, IT to distribution, etc. Chief Executives recognize that from a bottom line standpoint, they must shoulder the ultimate responsibility for the outcomes of major investments. Therefore, vendors seeking to conduct significant levels of business with U.S. companies must establish and build their brands with each organization’s chief executive.”
– Excerpt from “Corporate Investments in Systems & Services:
The Expanded Role of Chief Executives”
Conducted by Martin Akel & Assoc., Nov. 2012