C.J. Prince

C.J. Prince
C.J. Prince is a regular contributor to Chief Executive and other business publications.

7 Steps to a Successful Apprenticeship Program

Three companies partnered with the Manufacturing Institute on an “Employer’s Playbook for Building an Apprenticeship Program.” An excerpt follows.

Does Diversity in the Boardroom Matter?

While driving gender and ethnic diversity among directorship roles has lagged across corporate America as a whole, a growing body of research suggests boosting diversity in your boardroom is worth considering.

PENN MUTUAL: Diversity-Driven Success

It would be easy to look at Penn Mutual’s board, 42% of which is now held by women and minorities, and credit Eileen McDonnell, the first female CEO in the company’s 170-year history. But McDonnell is quick to point to her predecessor, Robert Chappell, who chose her as his successor. “Bob always sought out the best talent to fill roles at headquarters, so our leadership today is over 40% female,” she says, noting that two of Penn Mutual’s subsidiaries are run by women and that when Chappell left in 2011, women already accounted for four of 11 board seats. “He had been, throughout his career, gender-neutral and color-blind. He’s just always sought to surround himself with the best talent for the time.”
“I view that I become better and stronger as an executive and as a board member by surrounding myself with very talented people, in some cases more talented than myself, and learning from them.”
McDonnell says that for each of Penn Mutual’s recent successes—the company just reported the best sales and earning numbers in its history—she can point to ways each member of her diverse board contributed, typically by agitating for some change or focus that otherwise might have been neglected. “There is a direct link to our directors who, because of their discipline and experience and thought process, come at each opportunity and challenge differently,” she says. As a private company, Penn Mutual isn’t under the same scrutiny and pressure to diversify the board as it might be if it were public. But in McDonnell’s view, it shouldn’t be done out of a sense of obligation or to appease critics, but rather because having divergent views around the boardroom table is the best path to success. “I view that I become better and stronger as an executive and as a board member by surrounding myself with very talented people, in some cases more talented than myself, and learning from them,” she says, adding that CEOs who are reluctant to surround themselves with people who think differently, and who may challenge them, are at a competitive disadvantage. “Because the reality is we all have our blind spots and if we don’t have people like that around us, we may miss something.” Read more: Does Diversity in the Boardroom Matter?

Employee Health: Why Wellness Works

Empowering your employees to improve their health can improve your bottom line.

5 Ways to Give your Employees a Healthy Start

Here are 5 ways to begin putting your employees on a path to wellness without breaking the bank.

5 Lessons in Corporate Citizenship for CEOs

In January, winners of the first annual Chief Executive Corporate Citizenship Awards gathered to share insights gleaned from leading initiatives that do good—for both society and business.

Executive Health: 3 Killers and How to Thwart Them

Early detection and specialized care are the key to fighting off three lethal health conditions.

Inside Chief Executive’s 2016 Wealth Creator’s Index

The Fortune 500 has long been touted as the gold standard for measuring top companies. But its key metric, total gross revenue, tells only part of the story. In reality, a business can be growing revenue, yet declining in overall wealth creation.

A CEO’s Guide to Health and Wellness Programs

In the everyday race to keep your company going strong, it can be hard to find time to focus on your own well-being. Here’s a look at programs across the country that can help you take a proactive approach to maintaining your health.
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