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Welcome from Chief Executive Group

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Love is Free. Guac is Extra: How to Empower Employees & Build a Connected Culture

Featured Speaker: Monty Moran, Lawyer, Author, Pilot & Filmmaker; Former Co-CEO at Chipotle Mexican Grill (2009-2016)

Based on his extraordinary journey as co-CEO of Chipotle and life experiences, Monty Moran will share the techniques that led to the company’s powerful culture and results. His leadership practices are at times unconventional, often disruptive, and built uncommonly successful cultures. Taking Chipotle from a regional burrito chain to a Fortune 500 superstar with more than 75,000 employees, Moran placed value on the critical, but often overlooked aspects of great leadership such as one-on-one talks, better communication, being open and vulnerable, and taking time to forge deep connections with and understand his employees. Glean invaluable insights from Moran on the crucial ideas that will help you build a wildly effective culture full of rich relationships. Learn how to empower your employees to be the best version of themselves and set your company up for endless opportunities for growth, leadership, and prosperity.

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11:00 – 11:40 am ET

Workforce 2030: A Framework to Tackle Human Capital Challenges and Opportunities Post-Covid-19

Featured Speaker: Johnny C. Taylor, Jr., President and CEO, Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM)

Even before Covid, the world of work was changing—fast. Post-pandemic, we are likely to see an explosive rethinking of the traditional relationship between many companies and their employees, between leaders and those they lead. What opportunities does the “remote work revolution” unlock for talent recruitment? For retention? What are the pitfalls—and how do you avoid them? How will demographic and technological trends re-shape what CEOs and CHROs must do to win going forward? How will a workforce increasingly supplemented by AI, automation and thinking machines change what it means to lead? How do you prepare now—strategically—to set your company up for success in the fast-arriving work world of 2030? Johnny C. Taylor, Jr., President and CEO of SHRM, a global organization serving over 300,000 HR professionals, will give us a glimpse of where we’re going based on SHRM’s extensive research—as well as strategies to help you thrive in the decade(s) ahead.  

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Concurrent Peer-to-Peer Roundtables (attendees select one)

The events of 2020 have accelerated changes to the nature of work, the workplace and the workforce. As you refine your workforce strategies to address all three of these dimensions including policy changes, realigning workflows, and technology enablement to support collaboration and creative problem-solving, a coordinated approach to all aspects of the employee experience is required. Drawing on CEO responses gathered in a recent survey by Chief Executive and Segal, this interactive discussion will explore how participants are thinking about workforce issues, such as: employee expectations for flexible work arrangements, differentiating between employee wellness and employee wellbeing, listening to the voice of the employee, mobility of talent and expanded labor pools, and how CEOs can best work with their HR to be ready for this new world.


  • Fred Hencke, Senior Vice President, The Segal Group

Ongoing societal disruption has resulted in disconnection and confusion in our workplaces. How you show up as a leader right now can fall under great scrutiny. This session is an opportunity to have a thought provoking dialogue with fellow executives from various industries on how to develop teams with a unified purpose and how to help your employees build a high-performance mindset. You’ll also hear how others leverage the diversity and strengths of their teams to develop effective relationships throughout the organization and positively impact work culture.


  • Manuel Larenas, Senior Consultant, Impact International

1:00 – 1:30 pm ET

A New Pay Paradigm: Considerations in Response to Market Changes

Featured Speakers:

  • Wayne Cooper, Executive Chairman, Chief Executive Group
  • Melanie Nolen, Director of Research, Chief Executive Group

Drawing from Chief Executive’s exclusive research on compensation data from more than 1,600 private companies, we’ll share the key trends and takeaways on 2020 CEO and senior executive compensation and how companies are making adjustments in the wake of Covid-19. You’ll gain valuable insights to benchmark your company’s compensation practices versus those of comparable companies. Improve your ability to compensate confidently, strategically and competitively to attract and retain the best executive talent.

1:30 – 1:35 pm ET


1:35 – 2:10 pm ET

Beyond Diversity: How to Engage a Collective Workforce to Improve Outcomes

Featured Speaker: COL (Ret.) Diane Ryan, Ph.D., U.S. Army Officer for 29 years; Faculty, Thayer Leadership

Most of us understand the value of diversity. But today, leaders are being forced to think differently about the intersection of four generations of workers, layered in with race, gender and other factors. Based on three decades of leadership in the U.S. Army, COL Ryan will share real-world military experiences leading diverse talent towards a common goal by facilitating empathy and building trust among people who come from, and are in, very different places in life. Learn how to overcome common barriers and misconceptions to unleash the power of diversity and inclusion to the benefit of your entire organization.

2:10 – 2:20 pm ET


2:20 – 3:00 pm ET

Grow Your Leaders: Revamping Your Talent Development Program

Featured Speaker: Deanne Kissinger, Director of Talent Management and Engagement, Duke Energy

If your organization isn’t taking talent development seriously, you may be pushing your best talent out the door. From rotational programs to structured mentorship to online learning, top employers are ensuring that their new employees have the tools and framework to succeed in their careers. Don’t miss this deep dive case study to learn how to build and sustain a successful talent development program. Building your future leaders starts now.

3:00 pm ET

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