Chief Executive Network

Chief Executive Network has been the premier networking source for CEOs for over 30 years. Our members participate in professionally facilitated and confidential peer group meetings both online and in-person, with non-competing executives who are of comparable scale. Members share their real-world experiences about what has worked (and pitfalls to avoid) to take their businesses and leadership teams to the next level. We offer numerous peer groups ranging from CEOs and Presidents to their senior leadership team including Heads of HR, Operations, Finance, Sales, and Marketing. Additionally, training and development programs for high-potential new and middle managers are available.

CEN provides uncommon wisdom combined with real-world experience that only fellow CEOs can provide. This allows members to receive actionable takeaways from each meeting to improve company performance, gain competitive advantages, and avoid costly mistakes. Meetings are offered in-person (with virtual options) twice a year, along with quarterly online peer advisory board meetings in between. Members also have access to world-class conferences, a network of over 500 members as well as personal coaches and subject matter experts. To find out more about membership, visit: