Chief Executive Network


Throughout the 1980s, after leading numerous CEO groups, organizational expert Dr. Ronald E. Wiley came to the realization that executive effectiveness was dramatically improved in those rare cases when CEOs met with industry peers. Wiley recognized that industry focus gave CEOs not only outside perspective, but also specific, actionable ideas based on directly relevant, real-world experience. Chief Executive Network (CEN) was launched by Wiley on this principal in 1990.

In 1994, then-CEN member Bob Grabill took over the reins of CEN and professionalized the organization. Grabill has overseen the organization’s dramatic growth, subsequently introducing the Senior Executive Network (SEN) for the direct reports of CEN members.

Since then, Chief and Senior Executive Networks have conducted over 500 membership meetings and conferences, resulting in billions of dollars of value creation for members.

Chief Executive Network and Senior Executive Network are today composed of over 550 members spanning a variety of industries. The Chief and Senior Executive Networks employ over 15 process leaders who average over 20 years of business expertise and are personally chosen for their professional facilitation skills.

The result: a dramatically accelerated learning curve for member CEOs and their organizations.

Chief Executive Network

Senior Executive Network