Chief Executive’s Annual Corporate Citizenship Awards

Corporate citizenship efforts are specific projects and programs that go well beyond writing a check to meaningfully improving communities, while remaining integral to their firm’s mission and goals. Many of the programs include substantial CEO involvement.

Winners of the 1st annual Corporate Citizenship program were selected by size—small, medium or large—within 10 categories.

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Top corporate executives, their teams who lead citizenship efforts and the charities/not-for-profits with whom they partner are invited to the celebration.

Benefits of participation included the ability to:

  • Recognize key employees involved in such initiatives
  • Demonstrate your own leadership toward charitable involvement at work
  • Honor and bring attention to the causes you and your company care about
  • Inspire other CEOs to improve their communities and our nation

If your:

  • CEO involvement is meaningful
  • Cause is strategically linked to your business mission
  • Program clearly shows some innovation (beyond just writing check)
  • Involvement is collaborative with a cause or organization
  • Your impact is clear on an individual, group, regional, state, national, or global level

Winners are companies whose initiatives were deemed to have had the most compelling impact on their local, national or international communities.


The winner of Chief Executive’s second annual Corporate Citizenship Award was honored at a luncheon at the CEO2CEO Summit on December 7, 2017, at the Apella Alexandria Center in New York City.

In addition, editorial coverage of the gala and interviews with winners will appear in the January/February 2018 issue of Chief Executive magazine and subsequently on the website,