Key terminology

Below is key terminology required for understanding some of the data and information found on this website and in the full 2013-2014 CEO & Senior Executive Compensation Report for Private Companies.

Compensation Components

Base Salary Cash compensation for the executive that encompasses their standard wage on an annualized basis.
Bonus Aggregate of all incentive-based cash compensation paid to the executive over the course of the fiscal year. This includes both short-term incentives and the cash realization of long-term incentives.
Equity (Volume 2 only) This metric includes all equity/option grants and the estimated value of other long term incentives/bonuses granted in the fiscal year. For equity grants (and equivalent), the market value at grant. For stock options (and equivalent), the expected market value of the options (expected value per share minus the strike price per share x the number of options).
New Equity Grants (Volume 1 only) Approximate dollar value of all stock awards/grants, options and equivalents issued to the CEO in the past fiscal year. Options are calculated as: [the expected target market value per share – the strike price per share] X the number of options awarded.
Equity Appreciation (Volume 1 only) The total increase in value of all equity, options, and equivalents over the previous fiscal year that were owned by the CEO at the beginning of the year.
Equity Ownership % (Volume 1 only) The percentage of all outstanding equity in the business owned personally by the CEO.
Previous Equity(Volume 1 only) Approximate dollar value of all stock, options and equivalents owned by the CEO at the end of the last fiscal year.

Abbreviations for Senior Executive Positions

COO Senior Operations Executive (e.g. COO, GM, VP Operations)
CFO Senior Finance Executive (e.g. CFO, VP Finance)
CMO Senior Marketing Executive (e.g. CMO, VP Marketing)
CSO Senior Sales Executive (e.g. CSO, VP Sales)
CTO Senior Information Technology Executive (e.g. CTO, CIO)
Head of R&D Senior Research/Engineering Executive (e.g. Chief Scientist/Engineer, VP R&D/Engineering)
Head of HR Senior Human Resources Executive (e.g. Human Resources Director, VP Human Resources)