Many companies focus on hiring veterans, but don’t necessarily realize the broad positive impact veterans can make until they join the organization. Veterans have valuable skillsets and applied experiences to share as leaders, often having been entrusted with leadership roles and experiences at a younger age than their civilian counterparts. They are motivated by values, mission, and purpose, and effortlessly engender trust and build high-performing teams. Veterans are a segment of employees that corporations should strive to develop, so focusing on how to utilize the unique skillsets that veterans bring to organizations is a pertinent area to explore for senior executives. During the COVID pandemic, veterans at corporations across America have proactively stepped up and led initiatives that have saved and grown companies. 

Come together for a discussion with military veterans and C-suite executives on Veterans Day 2021 to understand how to capitalize on the unique assets of veteran employees.


Thursday, November 11 | 11:00 am - 1:00 pm ET