Luxury (Alcohol, Jewelry, Clothing, more)

In general, CEOs represent one of the most attractive demographics in the world given their extraordinary purchasing power. Because the Chief Executive magazine subscriber base includes all identifiable CEOs running companies with $50 million+ of revenue, the readership truly represents the cream of the crop: those CEOs running the largest, most successful companies. CEOs frequently own equity in their companies, and are almost always the highest paid people on their payrolls.

Chief Executive magazine’s reader demographics are simply unrivaled by any other media outlet: The average reader of Chief Executive is a 57 year old male with a personal annual income of $1,188,975. The average reader has a net worth of $9,921,089, excluding the value of their primary home.

CEOs work hard – and live well. Frequently given limited time due to work commitments, CEOs can spend extravagantly during their free time. To CEOs, fine wines and spirits provide daily symbols of living life at the top. They frequently purchase fine jewelry as gifts, and collect art and other collectibles like no other group.

The personal involvement of the CEO in purchase decisions involving travel and meetings greatly increases the likelihood that the organization will forward quickly in the evaluation and adoption process (+92.3%), it will become a priority that others in their organization will give serious consideration to and remove roadblocks in the evaluation process (+91.5%), and ultimately become a reality (+89.4%).

Liz Irving

Director, Business Development
[email protected]
“To CEOs, fine wines and spirits provide daily symbols of living life at the top.”

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