Co-Founder and Co-Executive Chairman, The Carlyle Group
Author, How to Lead: Wisdom from the World’s Greatest CEOs, Founders, and Game Changers
David M. Rubenstein is a co-founder and co-executive chairman of The Carlyle Group, one of the world’s largest and most successful private equity firms. Mr. Rubenstein is the author of the bestselling book THE AMERICAN STORY: CONVERSATIONS WITH MASTER HISTORIANS. He is Chairman of the Boards of Trustees of the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, the Smithsonian Institution, and the Council on Foreign Relations. Mr. Rubenstein is an original signer of The Giving Pledge and a recipient of the Carnegie Medal of Philanthropy and the MoMA’s David Rockefeller Award, among other philanthropic awards. The host of The David Rubenstein Show on Bloomberg TV and PBS, he lives in the Washington, DC area.

Leading PE in a Covid World

All CEOs face a multitude of challenges operating through the Covid pandemic, but PE-backed CEOs have additional challenges—and opportunities. Despite shorter time frames and higher debt leverage ratios than most CEOs, PE-backed CEOs often have other tools available to go on the offense. In this session, we’ll explore how a leading PE partner is advising his portfolio company CEOs to navigate, lead and position their companies over the next few years.


Managing Director, Chief Talent Officer


Ted Bililies is an internationally recognized expert on leadership and organization development and the Chief Talent Officer of AlixPartners. Ted launched the first commercial practice in leadership and human capital at AlixPartners which advises investors, CEOs, and boards on the selection and development of leaders and the alignment of culture for maximum and sustainable value creation. Ted’s career spans three decades as a psychologist, human resources executive, management consultant, and executive coach. He holds academic degrees from Loyola University of Chicago and Harvard University. Ted taught at Harvard University for many years, is currently on the Executive Education faculty of the Harvard Business School and is a board member of the Boston Graduate School of Psychoanalysis. Ted has helped leaders around the world achieve enduring change in their organizations, their teams, and themselves by expanding their psychological, behavioral and organizational insights into leadership.

Tue Dec 08, 1:00 PM – 1:25 PM ET

Solving PE’s People Problem

Culture may eat strategy for breakfast, but how do you create and nurture a healthy corporate culture when everyone knows your ownership timeline is short? Employees in general have a skeptical streak, and employees of PE-backed companies maybe even more so. This session features a frank discussion on talent lessons learned and best practices operating in PE-backed environments.


Senior Vice President, The Segal Group

Mr. Hencke is a Senior Vice President in the Segal Group’s New York office, responsible for large, strategic opportunities in the Corporate market. He has more than 30 years of total experience in many industries.

Mr. Hencke was previously a principal and strategic accounts manager across the North American Markets at Buck. He was directly responsible for large single-employer clients, account management and business development. Before joining Buck, he worked for Accenture, Hewitt and BearingPoint. He has led more than 20 HR transformations, built more than 200 shared services solutions and led the design, development and implementation of the first process manufacturing and workforce scheduling system.

Mr. Henke holds a BA in Computer Science and Mathematics from Hiram College in Ohio.

Building a Winning Acquisition Playbook

Description coming soon.


Managing Director, Clarion Capital Partners, LLC

Doug is a Partner at Clarion Capital which is a private equity and structured credit asset manager. He spent most of his career as an entrepreneur building technology and tech enabled services companies on a global basis before going into private equity 7 years ago.

Doug is a founder of numerous companies and organizations including Foundation Source, the nation’s leading provider of outsourced services for private foundations and Enherent, a global software development company which helped create the offshore development industry in India and Barbados. He graduated from Syracuse University where he created his own degree in Entrepreneurship. He helped found the Association of Collegiate Entrepreneurs (ACE) in 1983 and afterward was a founder of the Young Entrepreneurs Organization (YEO, now called EO) in 1986 and was the International President in 1997/98. He is a longtime member of Young President’s Organization (YPO) and has actively participated in the leadership of the organization at the chapter level for YPO and YPO gold as well as the international organization as a board member (1997/98). Doug’s personal interests include his family, golf, reading, peloton, and relaxing by the water.

Tue Dec 08, 11:45 AM – 12:15 PM EST 

What I Wish Someone Told Me: Lessons from a PE-Backed CEO

The PE-backed CEO faces unique pressures that are infrequently—if ever—discussed.  More than anyone, the CEO must balance the long-term interests of the company and the objectives of its PE sponsors. More often than not you, as CEO, stay with the business after the investors have exited. In addition, the need for speed is paramount, both on execution of value-creation initiatives and improved financial results. These dynamics create unique alignment challenges. This session will discuss the unique issues facing portfolio company leaders and discuss best practices in maximizing your chances of success in navigating these challenges.


Chairman, Chief Executive Group;
CEO, Chief Executive Network

Wayne is chairman of Chief Executive Group. He has been an entrepreneur since 1995 and successfully built multiple high-growth businesses. Wayne was previously a management consultant with Bain & Company and Monitor Company in Boston, London, Milan and Los Angeles. Wayne has an MBA from Harvard and a BA from Stanford University.

Tue Dec 08, 1:55 PM – 2:15 PM EST 

CEO & Senior Executive Compensation and Rewards Under PE Ownership

Working as a portfolio company CEO has its own risks: research shows that 58% of CEOs in PE-backed companies are replaced within two years and 72% over a single PE firm’s ownership period. Given the increased risk, the rewards are also greater: New research, not unexpectedly, shows that PE-backed CEOs earn significantly more in base salary (158% more in some cases); what is unexpected is the mix of bonus and equity gains compared to other ownership forms.

Presented by the head of research of the annual CEO and Senior Executive Compensation Report for Private Companies (now in its 7th year), this session explores trends and benchmarks for PE-backed companies. The data set features exclusive data from 1,600 companies and covers incentive compensation plans, equity awards, vesting strategies and triggers, cost/benefits of various compensation levers, retention practices, benefits packages and perquisite packages.