Preserving Your Brand and Protecting Your Legacy by Creating a Resilient Organization

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Date: Wednesday, July 18, 2012
Time: 1pm-2pm ET / 12pm-1pm CT / 10am-11am PT
Registration Fee: Free, courtesy of Deloitte & Touche LLP
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As CEO, you have achieved the pinnacle of success, leading your company to increased profits, greater market valuation and a leading global position.

What if a single event were to demolish all that you have built and your reputation and legacy is damaged, or, even destroyed?

Can you prevent everything? Certainly not. Balancing risk management with the realities of a slow growth economic environment means cost cutting, operational consolidations and possible merger and acquisition activities. These realities often take the forefront, while risks actually increase as a result. Active risk management may be called Enterprise Risk Management, Governance Risk and Compliance or other similar names in your organization. Regardless of what you call it, if you invest too little or your team has done a less than stellar job protecting your company; you could be exposed.

The potential scenarios for this are endless: Maybe it is caused by a Cyber attack where the perpetrator shuts down your IT systems. Maybe it’s from a natural disaster you could have predicted, but were not ready for? Or possibly a key vendor or supplier is hit by a similar event that affects your supply chain and your production or deliveries stop?

What do you do? Insurance is not enough – it’s about protecting, recovering and rebuilding your brand, market share and operations. It is ultimately about your reputation and legacy.

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Protect your people, assets and legacy by having a functional, effective resilience strategy and response plan. Not a template, not compliance or an internal audit avoidance exercise, but a true, tested capability.

Join Chief Executive and Deloitte for this exclusive webinar. Top experts including David Sarabacha, Principal, Global Resiliency Lead, Deloitte &Touche LLP, will provide insight and guidance on such strategic and timely topics as:

  • How to utilize mobile technologies to put your strategies and plans in the hands of those whom you trust to protect the company
  • How to take advantage of social media to protect, not harm your reputation and response efforts
  • How to emerge from a disaster as a hero, rather than a victim
  • How to utilize response planning efforts to improve efficiencies and increase your sustainable business practices
  • How to potentially improve your positioning with regulatory agencies by teaming for effective community and regional response activities

Please reserve the date for this important strategic event, May 22.

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About the Speakers

David Sarbacha
Principal, Deloitte & Touche LLP

David Sarabacha, Principal, Deloitte & Touche LLP, is the global and U.S. national leader of Deloitte’s Resilience services offering, serving clients throughout the world from our offices in Seattle, Washington. David has over 20 years of experience in the development, implementation and review of emergency response, crisis management, business continuity (BC), disaster recovery (DR) and continuity of operations (COOP) plans. His focus is on the development of practical, cost-effective recovery strategies and plans for mission critical operations including not only technology, but also the key people, processes, equipment and vendors needed to continue your business.

David has extensive experience throughout the BCM development process including: risk assessments, business impact analyses, and strategy and plan development as well as exercising plans. He has also developed procedures for maintaining plans once they are exercised successfully to ensure that the information remains current, accurate and auditable. David has provided BCM services to clients in many industries including: financial services, healthcare, manufacturing, energy, life sciences, media, technology, consumer business, public sector, non-profit and utilities.

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