The Remote Work Future


11:00 am – 11:05 am


11:05 am – Noon

Keynote: Building Connection and Trust in a Digital World

Joe Hart, President and CEO, Dale Carnegie

With locations in 86 countries, Dale Carnegie pioneered the human performance movement and has helped transform millions of companies over the last century. Dale Carnegie’s president and CEO, Joe Hart, will help you build more connection and confidence throughout your remote organization. Learn the strategies imperative to building trust in a digital world, including how to use the power of communication across different platforms, engage your virtual teams to adapt to disruptions and overcome distance in times of uncertainty and help your teams focus on the present and what they can control.  

The opportunity and the responsibility of leadership is to step up when times are hard and uncertain. This session will inspire you to rise to the occasion as a leader that enables and inspires others to be successful—no matter where they are.  

Noon – 12:45 pm

Fostering Innovation and Collaboration Remotely

Critics of remote work believe that collaboration and innovation suffer when teams aren’t physically in the same place. But some of the most consistently innovative companies in the world have demonstrated its possible to develop a high-performance culture while providing employees with workplace flexibility. Learn their secrets. 

12:45 pm – 1:00 pm


1:00 pm – 2:00 pm

Interactive Breakout Discussion Groups

Participants will divide into small groups for discussions facilitated by subject matter experts. Topics may include:  

  • The Keys to Productive Remote Meetings – Increased meetings do not equal increased employee engagement. Learn how to eliminate wasteful meetings dominated by too few people, the do’s and don’ts of creating agendas for online meetings, the secret of meeting preparation and more.  
  • Remotely Onboarding and Training New Employees – Research shows effective onboarding improves retention. Gain tips to improve how you equip new employees with the right resources and usher them into your company culture as seamlessly as possible. 
  • The 5 Most Common Remote Work Mistakes…and How to Avoid Them – A remote work environment without adequate structures and supporting communication strategies will result in frustration, demotivation and burnout among your employees. Learn how to avoid the pitfalls.  
  • Creating a Fun Culture, Even When You Aren’t Together – In a happy office, there are games, celebrations, and friendly competitions.  How do you replicate the fun when none of your employees are together? We’ll share ideas around the role of technology, gamification, monthly online networking, and more to help bring your employees build connections.  

2:00 pm – 2:45 pm

The Psychology of Working Remote

What does science say about how to get the best out of people in this environment? Studies show that remote work is correlated with a decrease in physical and mental stress for employees, but other studies show that remote work can come at the cost of social isolation for extroverts. Learn how to help your remote employees overcome common psychological obstacles that can make them less productive. And implement practices and processes that will make them feel engaged even when they are working alone.  

2:45 pm – 3:30 pm

Forget Remote, It’s About Results

For those who can successfully let go of and move past deeply held beliefs about how work is “supposed” to happen and instead focus on results, the effects can be profound and liberating. To make it work, however, leaders need to develop a process that balances accountability and autonomy for each employee. Learn how you can embrace a results-oriented culture that can drive unprecedented growth and create a motivated, result-oriented culture based on a system of accountability and autonomy.  

3:30 pm

Event Concludes