Smart Manufacturing Summit


The Power of the Supply Chain – How Manufacturing Helped Save the World

The pharmaceutical supply chain provides a valuable case study for all manufacturers. No other industry came together stronger in 2020 as evidenced by the successful Covid-19 vaccine rollout. We’ll bring together players key to the development and distribution of the vaccine for a timely discussion on the role of collaboration and transparency and the keys to success in leveraging scale and the expertise of partners to overcome disruptions and deal with accelerated timelines when pushed to the limit.

Featured Speaker:

  • Matt Sause, President and CEO, Roche Diagnostics

Rethinking Just-in-Time to Tackle the Post-Covid Supply Chain Crisis

For years utilizing a just-in-time supply process in an effort to reduce inventory seemed like a hyper efficient, low risk strategy. Now, in the aftermath of the pandemic, freak inclement weather events, global political unrest and labor issues are highlighting the fragility of this model. Case in point: look at the semiconductor shortage. So what does life after lean look like? We’ll explore how manufacturing veterans are fusing lean principles with resiliency goals and adapting their business models to respond to today’s supply chain pressures.

Featured Speaker:

  • Andrew Penca, EBU Executive Director, Supply Chain, Cummins

Case Study: Smarter Prediction, Smarter Production

Staying efficient and agile amid today’s supply chain disruptions requires anticipating customer desire with unprecedented precision and skill. And while the arrival of Big Data and AI promise breakthrough performance and sophistication, the reality, as every CEO knows, is far from simple. Endress+Hauser, one of the world’s leading makers of precision instrumentation, has been on this journey—and found great success during the pandemic year thanks to their new analytics operations. They’ll candidly share how they built a powerful forecasting system that’s had a profound impact on production—and profitability. From technology integration to battling cultural friction, this session will dive deep, with useful takeaways for anyone trying to get ahead—and stay ahead—of the market.

Featured Speaker:

  • Todd Lucey, General Manager, Endress+Hauser

Case Study: Customer-Centered Innovation

How do you take an established company in a conservative industry and retool it for 21st century growth? By letting your customers take the lead. Hear how one manufacturer challenged its corporate culture and upended traditional structures and processes by listening to its customers— and figured out how to truly serve their needs.

Featured Speaker:

  • Kimberly Ryan, Executive Vice President and CEO Successor, Hillenbrand; Chair of Board, Kimball International

Case Study: The Intersection of Automation and People

Major Tool & Machine is a contract manufacturer specializing in large CNC milling and turning machining, high-speed machining, manual and robotic welding, engineering, CAD/CAM programming, project management, inspection, and assembly services. They are a supplier in NASA’s Space Launch System, representing a critical piece of NASA’s return to the moon and journey to deep space.

We’ll hear how the company is implementing new technologies to put more control in the hands of a process—rather than people—to ease their painful labor shortages and increase efficiencies. Glean valuable learnings from their implementation efforts to optimize conditions and reduce machine part failures with RFID technology in a highly variable setting.

Featured Speaker:

  • Mike Griffith, President, Major Tool & Machine

The Future of Manufacturing in the Heartland and for America

We’ll explore the intersection of politics, business and the future of manufacturing in the U.S. What are the implications of the Biden Administration, China Plus One and Covid, and what are the keys to success in the future?

Featured Speaker:

  • Eric Holcomb, Indiana Governor

Post-Pandemic Reboot: Opportunities for Corporate Growth & Business Transition

The better than expected post-pandemic business and economic recovery provides many manufacturing companies with a unique opportunity to grow and make changes to their businesses. Should you buy, sell, grow organically or partner? How can you drive value in your business? What are the opportunities and how can business owners take advantage of the current environment? We will explore these questions and more to help you determine your best strategy for the coming year.

Featured Speaker:

  • Terry Bressler, Managing Director, Prairie Capital Advisors

Case Study: Building Manufacturing of the Future

We’ll hear from one of the world’s most innovative manufacturing companies. Get inside the radical changes taking place and obtain some hard-won advice on how—and how not to— make the leap in your transformation initiatives.

Featured Speaker:

  • Warren W. White III, Head of Assembly & Test, Rolls-Royce Defense