Smart Manufacturing Summit


Ford’s Fight For The Future  

Debbie Manzano, Director of Manufacturing, Current Model Electric Vehicle (EV), Ford Motor Company

As America’s most iconic industrial company undergoes its most dramatic reinvention since its inception, you’ll meet with Debbie Manzano, Director of Manufacturing, to understand how a transformational wave of electric vehicles, automation, new labor deals, design, engineering and software could come together to change nearly everything about manufacturing in the years to come. The future starts now—with boundless opportunities for those who are able to take advantage. We’ll help you get ready in this exclusive Chief Executive live case study. 

Winning at Automation ASAP 

Tom Kelly, Executive Director and CEO, Automation Alley

Rapid technology changes and soaring labor costs are driving manufacturers to challenge the way products are made. But digital transformation mistakes are costly and scaling is filled with pitfalls and potential disasters, which can be especially painful—or even catastrophic—for mid-sized firms. Automation Alley, one of the most experienced automation advisory organizations in the world, will share the hard-won lessons gleaned from helping dozens of small and mid-sized firms add technology to their operations, giving you a chance to learn from the mistakes of others—and lap rivals in the years to come. 

How Webasto is Winning the Talent War Now

Corey Stowell, Vice President, Human Resources, Webasto Americas

When it comes to building a cohesive and engaged team, this is the most difficult, complex time in a generation. The CHRO at Webasto Americas, one of the most forward-thinking mid-market manufacturing outfits in the country, will detail how his team successfully transformed their culture and people strategy—just in time to see it challenged by the Great Resignation. He’ll share how they’re retooling their people-first model to build resilience—and growth—in the face of enormous headwinds, with pragmatic to-dos and takeaways for everyone.

Lean Truth: Just-in-Time to Tackle Today’s Supply Chain Crisis  

Jeff Liker, Bestselling Author of The Toyota Way; renowned global expert on Lean Manufacturing and Just-In-Time

The Covid pandemic, unending production glitches, global political unrest and a world of logistics bottlenecks seemed to write the obituary for the age of just-in-time. But one of the world’s foremost experts on the subject argues that following the mainstream media’s ill-formed narratives—and advice—could create an even bigger disaster. In this brand-new presentation created exclusively for the Smart Manufacturing Summit, Liker will dig into his decades of experience, research and industry connections to showcase how the smartest manufacturing veterans are fusing lean principles with resiliency goals and adapting their business models to respond to today’s supply chain pressures and win in the years ahead—and how you can too.

Smarter Design, Smarter Marketing

Shannon Washburn, Chief Executive Officer, Shinola

Whether you’re selling B2C or B2B, in the age of Amazon your customers now demand a whole new kind of frictionless buying experience, one requiring unprecedented, continuous engagement between design, sales, supply chain, marketing, manufacturing and distribution. How do you make it all work? And how do you keep the customer at the center of it all? We’ll discuss the challenges and help you find the opportunities with the folks at Shinola, a master at crafting great, U.S.-made products—and brands—and even greater customer experiences.