Strategic C-Suite Forum


June 14, 2022 | 10:00 am – 3:00 pm ET


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10:00 - 10:55 am

The Power of Challenge-Based Strategy

Richard Rumelt, Author, Good Strategy, Bad Strategy and The Crux: How Leaders Become Strategists

10:55 - 11:00 am


11:00 - 11:50 am

Winning No Matter What: How Ed Bastian Rebuilt Delta Air Lines to Soar

Ed Bastian, CEO, Delta Air Lines

11:50 am - Noon


12:00 - 12:45 pm

Creating a Culture of Accountability to Drive Performance

Lia Garvin, Author, UNSTUCK: Reframe Your Thinking to Free Yourself From the Patterns and People that Hold You Back; Senior Team Operations Lead, Google

12:45 - 1:00 pm


1:00 - 2:00 pm

Concurrent Peer Breakouts: CEO, CFO, CXO, CHRO

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2:00 - 2:15 pm


2:15 - 3:15 pm

Concurrent Peer Breakouts: CEO, CFO, CXO, CHRO

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3:15 pm

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1:00 - 2:00 pm Breakout Options

CEO Track

Facilitated by Stephen Brown, Senior Advisor, KPMG Board Leadership Center & Sandy Torchia, Vice Chair, Talent and Culture, KPMG LLP

Corporate strategy, financial performance, and competitive advantage all hinge on attracting and retaining the right people, which has become a top challenge for companies today. Shifting worker expectations—accelerated by the pandemic and America’s racial reckoning, and evident in the Great Resignation—point to a sea change in the employee/employer dynamic. In this session, we’ll examine the factors and key questions shaping talent strategies today. Is the new employee mindset—prioritizing personal wellbeing, work/life balance, and corporate purpose—here to stay? Are talent acquisition and retention closely linked to corporate culture? And what are the keys to recruiting and retaining mission-critical talent in an increasingly tight, multi-generational labor market?  

CFO/Finance Track

Facilitated by Sharon Watkins, Chief Executive Officer, RadiusPoint 

Controlling costs is the often-overlooked side of the coin when it comes to the success of every business strategy. In today’s inflationary environment, coupled with an energy crisis and supply chain woes, every company is being impacted by increased commodity costs, and in turn, increased fees on general costs of doing business. What are smart strategies to improve your expense management processes and mitigate these cost increases?  

It starts with digitally transforming your expense management processes. Join other CFOs to explore actions you can take to automate manual processes to gain a better line of sight into your supply chain costs and ensure you are not over budget because of increased costs that are out of your control. Learn proven tactics to more effectively analyze underlying invoice data to ask the right questions, assess your contracts, renegotiate rates, and save hundreds of thousands of dollars each year.  

CXO Track

Facilitated by Josh Haley, Director of Field Strategy, Cohesity

Industries are changing at a rapid click, pressed on one hand by emerging technologies and competition and, on the other, by changing consumer habits and preferences. Every member of the C-Suite and every department head plays an important part in these strategic, technical and management initiatives—from information security and algorithms to customer experience and leveraging data—that drive business growth. We’ll explore how your organization can better tap into AI, automation and data analytics to put your employees in a more favorable position to succeed and harness new opportunities to serve your customers.  

HR Track

Facilitated by Giselle Mota, Principal, Future of Work, Global Enterprise Solutions, ADP 

A strategy means nothing without the right people to execute it. And in today’s environment, most everyone appreciates that DE&I is critical to the success of an organization’s strategy execution. In diverse organizations, leaders lead differently and employees respond to training and engagement differently. That means you need to think about DE&I differently. We’ll explore how HR executives are using emerging technologies—like AI, data analytics and augmented reality—to improve their talent pipelines and leadership development efforts. From analyzing data to surface pay equity gaps and turnover risks and using AI to provide personalized coaching to managers based on their strength profile, to implementing new inclusion practices and hybrid work options, we’ll explore the tools and processes you can implement as you seek to develop winning teams. Additionally, we’ll share pitfalls to watch out for and important steps to avoid unintended biases in your DE&I efforts.  

2:15 - 3:15 pm Breakout Options

CEO Track

Facilitated by Steve Rutan, President, Rutan Management Consulting

You already have a strategic plan in place, you review it at least once per year.  The senior management team signs off on the document – but, somehow, it fails to engage and motivate the organization to achieve superior results.  In this interactive session, we will discuss the important elements of creating sound strategy and the management and organizational requirements for making it real and effective.

CFO/Finance Track

Facilitated by Chuck Smith, Executive Director, Chief Executive Network and Senior Executive Network  
Although many finance organizations have automated traditional financial and accounting processes, due to the time consumed in performing rote and repetitive manual tasks like accounts reconciliations, they’re just beginning to take the next step in becoming a digital-first enterprise. And while technology is at the center of most growth strategies, you can’t do it without the right talent. How will you compete for the digital and technology experts you need to drive your strategy forward? How do you recruit candidates with critical thinking, business know-how and a good cultural fit? And what are you doing to mitigate the risk of your top finance talent leaving? Join this breakout to learn how strategic CFOs are building their finance teams of the future.  

CXO Track

Facilitated by Wayne Cooper, Chairman, Chief Executive Group 

Today’s digitally-driven world requires far more tech-savvy talent. According to a Korn Ferry study, 2030: The Very Human Future Of Work, the U.S. could lose out on $162 billion worth of revenues annually unless it finds more high-tech workers. At the same time, The Great Resignation is driving more workers to freelance, and with a high demand for freelance specialists, the price for this talent is ever-increasing. So how can you address your talent shortages? Join your peers to share creative solutions and new approaches that go beyond salary increases, flex work and vacation benefits to address talent sourcing. We’ll help you rethink recruitment, reskilling/upskilling employees, automation and untraditional approaches to talent acquisition

HR Track

Facilitated by Manny Larenas, Senior Consultant, Impact International and Sarah Osteen, Senior Consultant, Impact International  

How do you foster and sustain a true learning culture across a remote and disparate enterprise? Join this thought-provoking dialogue with fellow Sr. Leaders and Executives facilitated by Manuel Larenas and Sarah Osteen from Impact.  This dialogue will focus on identifying and addressing opportunities to elevate human connection across the workforce with an emphasis on shared responsibility to continuously learn.