How CEOs of High Growth Companies Pay Top Producers

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Date: Tuesday, September 18, 2012
Time: 1pm-2pm ET / 12pm-1pm CT / 10am-11am PT
Registration Fee: Free, courtesy of The VisionLink Advisory Group
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Sponsored by The VisionLink Advisory Group

CEOs tell us one of their biggest challenges is recruiting and retaining solid producers to help drive their company’s growth. This webinar will explain and demonstrate the compensation principles and best practices high growth companies use to reward and retain their top producers.

You will learn the best rewards strategies for building your best talent’s loyalty, including:

  • How to transform your team into stewards of the shareholder’s vision and business model
  • How to create the “entrepreneurial experience” producers seek within the framework of the company’s business plan
  • Why the concept of value sharing—“if I create economic value added, I should participate in that value” – is the most reliable method to creating the mindset and behaviors that produce revenue growth and team alignment
  • How to select the “best fit” long-term value sharing plan for your company

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Update Your Compensation Strategy For Today’s Talent Pool

Your growth and long-term success is tied to your people’s motivation and loyalty. You need to be certain your compensation plan supports your mission and compels the behaviors that will produce success.

Join us for the exclusive webinar to learn the latest findings on:

  • What attracts key talent to an organization and keeps them there
  • How the right compensation structure helps to ensure that the company produces good profits and not bad profits
  • What role compensation plays in communicating to key producers “what’s important”
  • Where ownership should start in assessing goals and priorities with regard to paying top producers
  • What the right balance between guaranteed versus “at risk” compensation and short-term versus long-term value sharing is
  • How a company determines when to implement a long-term value sharing arrangement and how to select which one is most appropriate for its business model

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About the Speakers

Tom Miller
CEO and Founder
The VisionLink Advisory Group

Tom Miller has been consulting with businesses for over 30 years on a range of compensation and executive benefit issues. Tom is a frequent speaker with business groups throughout the country and has authored numerous articles on topics related to compensation, benefits and related issues. He is VisionLink’s chief strategist and innovator. Tom also conducts monthly webinar broadcasts to CEOs and corporate officers throughout the country.

Dan SullivanDan Sullivan
Founder and President
The Strategic Coach Inc.

Dan Sullivan is the founder and president of the The Strategic Coach Inc. and the creator of the Strategic Coach® Program. Since its inception in 1988, this lifetime focusing program has helped accomplished entrepreneurs reach new heights of success and happiness. Dan has over 30 years of experience as a highly regarded speaker, consultant, strategic planner, and coach to CEOs.  Within his company , Dan excels at helping his team members unify around a vision of “10 Times Growth,” and will share some of those principles today.  Since The Strategic Coach is a VisionLink client, Dan will add his perspective today on the ways in which compensation strategy influences business growth.
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