CEO & Senior Executive Compensation Report for private companies

Get proactive with your pay strategy. Don’t react too late and risk your top talent walking out the door.

Compensate confidently competitively strategically

There’s never been a more challenging time for CEOs to ensure they offer competitive compensation programs to attract, retain and align the top talent that will ensure the health of their business.

With benchmark pay across thousands of companies, Chief Executive’s CEO & Senior Executive Compensation Report for Private Companies is your go-to resource for private company C-Suite compensation.

By investing in this unparalleled piece of executive compensation research, you ensure the right combination of salary, bonus, benefits, perks and equity incentives to attract and retain top talent.

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Attract and retain the very best senior talent for your organization

Motivate your senior executive team with compensation practices that reward the right activities, attitudes and output

Benchmark your compensation against your peers and competitors

Reduce turnover with compensation practices that motivate and reward your executive team

Your ability to attract and retain exceptional talent depends on offering the right pay packages to the right people.

The report provides compensation analysis for more than 10 senior positions, including:

The report reveals how the absolute dollar amounts and mix of components vary by:


The 2020-21 report is available now!


Purchase the 2020-2021 Report or Pre-Order the 2021-2022 Report, which will be provided to purchasers in October. Bundle both reports to compare year-over-year data and save $1,995!

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