Time well spent. It’s the only way to succeed as a CEO.

The CEO2CEO Summit Series is an investment of your time that will continue to pay off throughout your career—with insights, new ways of thinking and life-long connections with other CEOs. This year, you’ll have two opportunities to learn firsthand from experts: CEO2CEO West and the CEO2CEO Leadership Summit.

The New Rules for Strategic Innovation

How companies can overcome the limits to growth

Learn how other CEOs inspire, recognize and reward innovation.

Forward-thinking CEOs understand that innovation is essential to survival.  At this year’s CEO2CEO West Summit, you’ll learn from top business leaders as they discuss how to reinvigorate a culture of strategic innovation in your enterprise. Keynote addresses by:

  • Andrew Liveris, Chairman, The Dow Chemical Company
  • Jeffery Housenbold, CEO, Shutterfly
  • Michael Klayko, CEO, Brocade Communications Systems

Fit for the Future

Competing in the Global Ideas Economy

Learn how to “future proof” your company through pragmatic leadership.

Keeping up with disruption is not enough to inspire vision or winning strategy. This summit will address the ways you can proactively embrace change through:

  • Minimizing systemic risk in a perilous world
  • Social entrepreneurship in the Ideas Economy
  • Bottom-up innovation to improve customer relationships
Featured speakers include:
  • Douglas Oberhelman, Chairman & CEO, Caterpillar
  • Martin Murray, Chairman, President and CEO, Pitney Bowes
  • Bob Nardelli, CEO, Cerberus Operations & Advisory Company

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