May 17-18, 2022 | Detroit, MI and Online

The Great Reinvention—Don’t Get Left Behind

Manufacturers face the greatest period of disruption and change since the advent of mass production. The status quo won’t cut it any more. To win or just survive, you need to understand where your market is heading and rethink your strategy, products, processes and people. Now–before your competitors do.

Hosted in the home of American industrial reinvention and innovation—Detroit—the 2022 Smart Manufacturing Summit is custom built to help mid-market manufacturing leaders refresh, strengthen and reimagine their organization for a new era. We’ll tackle today’s toughest challenges—talent shortages, supply chain snarls, inflation, pricing, sales, automation, digitalization—to help you win business, build resiliency and secure your future.

Detroit is a living laboratory for Industry 4.0 and beyond, the global hub of innovation for the electric vehicle revolution that foreshadows coming change in every facet of manufacturing. Tailor-made for busy strategic leaders, the 2022 Smart Manufacturing Summit features exclusive plant tours and live case studies from top manufacturing executives who will help you get smarter, avoid painful pitfalls and move faster.

Now is the time to reinvent your technology, your operations and your business, to ensure you are ready to thrive in the year—and years—to come.

Exclusive Live Case Studies

Ford’s Fight for The Future

John Savona, Vice President, Manufacturing and Labor Affairs North America Ford Motor Company

John will share how Ford is adjusting its:

  • Product roadmap
  • People strategies
  • Use of automation
  • Approach to Lean and Suppliers

Winning at Automation ASAP

Tom Kelly, Executive Director and CEO, Automation Alley

Tom will share hard-won lessons on how to:

  • Avoid costly digital transformation mistakes
  • Challenge the way products are made
  • Add technology to scale operations

Winning the Talent War Now

Corey Stowell, Chief Human Resources Officer, Webasto Americas

Corey will share how to:

  • Build a cohesive and engaged team to build resiliency
  • Successfully transform your culture and people strategy
  • Drive growth and continuity—in the face of the Great Resignation

Just-in-Time to Tackle Today’s Supply Chain Crisis

Jeff Liker, Bestselling Author of The Toyota Way; renowned global expert on Lean Manufacturing and Just-In-Time

Jeff will uncover how to:

  • Avoid the trap of mainstream media’s ill-formed narratives and advice
  • Adapt business models to respond to today’s supply chain pressures
  • Fuse lean principles with resiliency goals

Smarter Design, Smarter Marketing

Shannon Washburn, Chief Executive Officer, Shinola

Shannon will help you respond to customer demands and:

  • Create a frictionless buying experience with the customer at the center
  • Maintain continuous engagement between design, sales, marketing, manufacturing and distribution
  • Craft great, U.S.-made products, brands, and even greater customer experiences

Surviving the Great Supply Chain-Inflation Tsunami

Danilo Amoretty, Senior Vice President of Global Product Supply and Operations, Carhartt

Danilo will help you improve your operations to:

  • Get products to customers amid non-stop supply chain snarls, soaring inflation and labor shortages
  • Decrease volatility and ensure supply and buttress resiliency
  • Keep up with once-in-a-generation changes in customer behavior and expectation


See Where Manufacturing is Going—and How You'll Succeed.

Learn best practices from industry leaders to truly understand how you will secure your place in the evolving supply chains of tomorrow.

Master Supply Chain Disruptions.

Learn how other mid-market manufacturers are rethinking their supply chains—domestically and globally—to stay a few steps ahead of competitors.

Solve Labor Shortages and Embrace the Multi-Generational Workforce.

Explore winning strategies to improve your recruitment and retention efforts and turn your diverse workforce into an advantage.

Redefine Resiliency.

Explore how manufacturing veterans are reimagining lean and just-in-time principles in their business models to respond to today’s talent, supply chain, and competitive pressures.

Implement Customer-Centric Design.

Learn how to challenge your assumptions and improve your product’s value by getting closer to your customers to better understand—and deliver on—their unique needs.

Optimize Data and Add Automation.

Separate the leading edge from “bleeding” edge by hearing practical insights from colleagues who have attempted real-world advanced data and automation strategies.


Ford Rouge Electric Vehicle Center, Opens 2022

Attendees will be among the first non-Ford outsiders to get an exclusive, behind-the-scenes look inside one of the most advanced manufacturing facilities on earth, the brand-new home for production of the Ford F-150 Lightning electric truck. You’ll see firsthand the stunning, cutting-edge orchestration of equipment, robotics, logistics and skilled workers that are coming together to build more than 150,000 of the breakthrough vehicles a year.

LIFT – Where Manufacturing Technology and Talent Matter

LIFT, established in Detroit in 2014, is a Department of Defense-supported, nonprofit national manufacturing innovation institute whose mission is to Drive American Manufacturing into the Future Through Technology and Talent Development in support of our national economy and national security.

As a public-private partnership, LIFT’s Detroit headquarters facility operates as both a showcase, showing the “art of the possible” and the future of manufacturing, and a sandbox, in which the institute’s national ecosystem can come to design, test and prototype new materials, processes and systems.

Join us for a behind-the-scenes visit to see how LIFT is leading innovations for tomorrow with new manufacturing processes and new manufacturing systems, including new and innovative processes like wire-arc additive manufacturing (WAAM), cold-spray and incremental sheet forming (ISF). See first-hand how manufacturers are working at LIFT to carry their concepts from design, through optimization, to commercialization with both smarter technology and smarter talent development.



Individual Registration
$ 2,995
  • Onsite Event Attendance
  • Meals & Receptions
  • Interactive Breakout Sessions
  • Exclusive Factory Tours
  • Peer Networking


Individual Registration
$ 995
  • Access to Event Livestream
  • On-demand Access to Session Recordings
  • Interactive Breakout Sessions
  • Exclusive Factory Tours
  • Peer Networking

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