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Manufacturing Masterclass Series

Get pragmatic, unfiltered advice on issues essential to manufacturing leaders in this series of interactive engagements with experts on topics from cybersecurity to energy efficiency. 

Thanks to the State of Indiana for exclusively underwriting the Manufacturing Masterclass Series.

Workshop Series

Join your manufacturing executive peers for in-depth online workshops led by esteemed professors. Attendance is limited to CEOs and senior-level executives and subject to approval.


Identifying and Reducing Embodied Energy in Manufactured Products

Tuesday, December 13 | 1:00 – 2:00 pm Eastern

Join Chief Executive Group and Dr. Peter Schubert, professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering in the Purdue School of Engineering & Technology at IUPUI, to explore how you can identify and reduce embodied energy in manufactured products. This interactive workshop will dive deeper into topics such as:

  • How to identify and understand embodied energy in manufacturing
  • Tips on problem-solving for improving energy efficiency and reducing costs
  • Ways to encourage and reward employee ideas related to energy
  • Design guidelines on product design for manufacturing & energy efficiency
  • Benchmarking, expectations, management, and financial metrics.


Featured speaker:

Dr. Peter Schubert, Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Purdue School of Engineering & Technology at IUPUI

Dr. Peter Schubert is a full professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering in the Purdue School of Engineering & Technology at IUPUI, where he also serves as the Director of the IU system-wide renewable energy center named after former Senator Richard G. Lugar.  Dr. Schubert has been a principal investigator for NASA, the National Science Foundation, and the US Departments of Energy, Defense, and Agriculture.   He has published over 120 technical papers, including 10 book chapters and one textbook on space-based manufacturing.  Prior to academia, Peter was a Technical Fellow at Delphi Electronics & Safety in Kokomo and was Chairman of the Technology Council of a 5-billion-dollar global company.  His work at Delphi included 7 years in the manufacture of automotive sensing electronics. He holds 43 US Patents that cover 9 technical fields.  In 2016, the university created Green Fortress Engineering, Inc., a C-corporation with the intention of commercializing his intellectual property in green hydrogen and resource utilization.  Peter received his Ph.D. from Purdue University while on a GM Fellowship.  In addition to teaching, research, and corporate leadership, Dr. Schubert is an active consultant in forensic engineering and manufacturing excellence.


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Access playbacks of recent interactive workshops.


Managing through Inflation: Insights for Manufacturing

For the first time in 40 years, inflation is a big worry for manufacturing executives. New price uncertainties scramble old “rules of thumb” for vendor contracts, inventory strategies, and supply chain contracts. In this masterclass, Professor Phil Powell at Indiana University, will help you understand the forces that drive inflation and what we need to see for a return to the stability enjoyed before the pandemic. He will also dive deeper into how to better frame your inflation challenges and adjust business practices that better protect your company from unexpected price increases.


Capturing More Value from Industry 4.0 Digital Transformation

In this masterclass, Dr. Mark Frohlich, Director of the Kelley School for Excellence in Manufacturing at Indiana University, will share findings from his ongoing research into Industry 4.0, including popular technologies as well as common obstacles to their eventual adoption. We’ll cover emerging Industry 4.0 trends and share lessons learned to help your organization maximize the value of digital transformation. 


Getting to Net Zero: Energy Efficiency and Your Bottom-Line

This 90-minute masterclass will introduce the concept of manufacturing energy efficiency to CEOs and senior executives. This will be applicable to firms regardless of where they are in their journey towards a smart manufacturing transition in their operations. We’ll cover the way the different types of IoT energy efficiency sensors can help reduce energy consumption, and ultimately lower costs.


Getting Back to Work: The State of the Manufacturing Labor Market

This 90-minute master class examined the state of the manufacturing labor market at the beginning of 2022, and reasons and contributors to hiring challenges. We reviewed job trends coming out of the pandemic compared with previous years, and examined the consequences of these trends for workers and for employers.


Cybersecurity for Leadership

This 90-minute master class introduced manufacturing executives to helpful tools for cybersecurity decision making, communication, and strategy. The goal of this workshop is to help CEOs engage in and (at some level) understand the information security dialogue and play a more effective role in cybersecurity oversight.