Manufacturing Masterclass Series

Get pragmatic, unfiltered advice on issues essential to manufacturing leaders in this series of interactive engagements with experts on topics from cybersecurity to energy efficiency. 

Thanks to the State of Indiana for exclusively underwriting the Manufacturing Masterclass Series.

Workshop Series

Join your manufacturing executive peers for 3 in-depth online workshops led by esteemed professors. Attendance is limited to CEOs and senior-level executives and subject to approval.


Getting to Net Zero: Energy Efficiency and Your Bottom-Line

This 90-minute masterclass will introduce the concept of manufacturing energy efficiency to CEOs and senior executives. This will be applicable to firms regardless of where they are in their journey towards a smart manufacturing transition in their operations. We’ll cover the way the different types of IoT energy efficiency sensors can help reduce energy consumption, and ultimately lower costs.


Getting Back to Work: The State of the Manufacturing Labor Market

This 90-minute master class examined the state of the manufacturing labor market at the beginning of 2022, and reasons and contributors to hiring challenges. We reviewed job trends coming out of the pandemic compared with previous years, and examined the consequences of these trends for workers and for employers.


Cybersecurity for Leadership

This 90-minute master class introduced manufacturing executives to helpful tools for cybersecurity decision making, communication, and strategy. The goal of this workshop is to help CEOs engage in and (at some level) understand the information security dialogue and play a more effective role in cybersecurity oversight.


Access playbacks of recent interactive workshops as well as case study sessions from our September 2021 Smart Manufacturing Summit

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Andrew Penca, EBU Executive Director, Supply Chain, Cummins


Cummins: Rethinking Just-in-Time to Tackle the Post-Covid Supply Chain Crisis

One of the world’s largest engine makers explains how they’re adapting operations to suit a new era of pandemic, shortages, freak inclement weather events, global political unrest and labor issues, with takeaways and tips for every manufacturer.

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Todd Lucey, General Manager, Endress+Hauser


Endress+Hauser: Smarter Prediction, Smarter Production

One of the world’s leading makers of precision instrumentation is finding huge success with their analytics operations. They candidly share how they built their new forecasting system with profound impacts on production and profitability.

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Mike Griffith, President, Major Tool & Machine


Major Tool & Machine: The Intersection of Automation and People

The president of this elite contract manufacturer takes us inside his efforts to implement new technologies that put more control in the hands of a process—rather than people—to ease their painful labor shortages and increase efficiencies.