PE-Backed CEO Summit


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9:10 – 10:10 am ET

Managing the PE Boom

Who would have believed a year ago, amid the first and second wave of the pandemic, that 2021 would shape up to be the most explosive year in the history of private equity. According to a Bain report, PE deal value, exit value, and fund-raising are all on pace to approach or cross $1 trillion by year-end—tripling the size of the private equity world in just a decade. Sustained success and nailing the numbers is always a trick for any portco CEO, but this harried moment is a monumental challenge unlike any other. So what happens next? How will the current go-go gold rush reset expectations for those running portfolio companies? For grabbing the talent you need to execute? For doing deals, attacking opportunities—and satisfying investors? We’ll talk with a top PE leader to explore all of that and more to make sure you’re more than ready to meet the moment in an incredible—and incredibly difficult—time for PE leadership.

10:10 – 10:50 am ET

Addressing the Talent Tsunami with Transformative Leadership

Demand for the right talent is swiftly outstripping supply as people have grown far more selective about who they want to work for. With competition heating up for the talent required to successfully navigate disruption, executives are wondering how their organizations’ already strained talent-sourcing resources can cope. So how can you address the forecasted tsunami of talent turnover? Leadership and culture are two of the most powerful forces to attract and retain talent. Ted Bilillies, an internationally recognized expert on leadership and organization development, will share examples of transformative leadership in action to help you evaluate your own leadership skills and embrace the fact that workforce planning will look very different in 2022.

10:50 – 11:10 am ET

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11:10 am – Noon ET

Building Great Cultures in PE-Backed Environments

The business literature is full of advice on building a sustainable business that withstands the tests of time, on nurturing relationships that endure and crafting a team culture built over time on trust. How does a PE-Backed CEO square these ideas with the shortened time frames and inevitable change in ownership demanded by PE investors? How do you recruit great people, create alignment and instill a sense of shared mission given the accelerated pace needed? This session will explore the unique tensions faced by PE-backed CEOs but rarely discussed, along with best practices you can implement to build a strong culture in harmony with key stakeholders.

Noon – 1:15 pm ET

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Market Update: IPO Landscape, Valuations and Other Exit Strategies

3:15 – 3:45 pm ET

High Risk-High Reward: Changing Executive Compensation Best Practices in PE-Backed Companies

Research says 58% of private equity CEOs are replaced with 2 years of an investment, and over the lifetime of a PE firm’s ownership of a company, turnover jumps to 73%. Other C-Suite positions may be even more prone to churn, with CFO turnover in PE-owned businesses estimated at 80%. In order to attract and retain quality executives given the higher risk profile, the rewards for PE-backed executives need to reflect this reality. This session will discuss benchmarks and best practices for compensating executives in PE-backed portfolio companies.

3:45 – 4:15 pm ET

30 in 30: Growth Lessons from Veteran PE-Backed Company CEOs

PE-funded business are a different breed with a unique set of objectives to grow revenue and profit in a specific timeframe. In this lightning round session, a panel of veteran CEOs of PE-backed companies will share their best strategies for creating value, growing revenue, increasing profits and executing a winning playbook. Be prepared to vote on the best advice!

4:15 – 5:15 pm ET

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