The report provides benchmarks (both real dollar values and percentage of total compensation) for base salary, bonus and equity holdings. It also includes dollar values for benefits and perquisites. The percent of companies that provide specific perks and benefits are also provided. The report includes full year actual benchmarks for all of the data presented, as well as expected 2021 benchmarks for base salaries and bonuses.

  • Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
  • President
  • Senior Finance Executive (CFO, VP Finance)
  • Senior Operations Executive (COO, GM, VP Operations)
    Senior Marketing Executive (CMO, VP Marketing)
  • Senior Human Resources Executive (VP HR)
  • Senior Information Technology Executive (CTO, CIO)
  • Senior Sales Executive (CSO, VP Sales)
  • Senior Research/Engineering Executive

This unparalleled source leverages data collected from more than 1,450 private U.S. companies and is the ONLY authoritative source of this highly valuable data. Survey respondents hail from large, medium and small companies across all industries and market sizes. Get a full breakdown of our responses here.

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