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GE CEO Jeff Immelt on the Future of GE-and of American Manufacturing

Not long ago, materials were cheap and labor was expensive. Today, the reverse is true, which is why it makes sense to re-shore production in many sectors. But more importantly, the product is increasingly part of the process, driving more companies to embed their know-how and innovativeness with the product itself, says GE CEO Jeff Immelt. That and the prospect of cheaper energy due to the fracking revolution will boost manufacturing in America.

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Competing in the Global Ideas Economy

Both the time and place of 2013’s CEO Leadership Summit could not have been more fitting. In December, in the wake of the devastation of Hurricane Sandy and with the fiscal cliff still looming ahead, more than 100 business leaders from across the country gathered at the NYSE Euronext—an icon of free enterprise that later turned out to have been in the midst of a merger—to share ideas on navigating the challenges of the stormy global economy.

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Kurt Schneider CEO of Harlem Globetrotters Discusses Brand Transformation at CEO2CEO Summit

There are a handful of brands that have passed the century mark. Coca-Cola is one. Ford is another. But what about entertainment? For close to 87 years the Harlem Globetrotters have been entertaining kids and adults alike with their basketball high-jinks and ballet-like athleticism. Five and half years ago Kurt Schneider took control as CEO of the organization and has been re-inventing and modernizing the brand ever since.

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Caterpillar CEO Doug Oberhelman to Speak at CEO2CEO Leadership Summit

One of the best ways to have played the world developing boom in recent years has been to buy shares in a 100 year-old company with big yellow vehicles. Caterpillar shares have returned almost 500 percent during the last decade, with revenue tripling over the period.

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Murray Martin Speaks at CEO2CEO Leadership Summit

Pitney Bowes CEO Will be discussing the leadership challenges associated with transforming a 90 year old firm historically associated with postage meters at the forthcoming CEO2CEO Leadership Summit at the NYSE in New York on December 6. The Stamford, CT based company, which now is better known for data analytics, data communication and mining for such customers as Merrill Lynch, ...

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CEO2CEO Summit: The Challenge of Sustaining Long-Term Growth

In December, Chief Executive magazine gathered more than 100 CEOs at The New York Stock Exchange to explore the challenges they've encountered during these times of economic uncertainty and political upheaval.

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Global Threats


What are some of the biggest risks facing businesses and global economies today? Panelist Dan Senor, a former senior advisor and chief spokesperson for the U.S.-led coalition in Iraq, cited the “weakness of the U.S. in global affairs today” and nuclear arms developments as top-of-mind issues. “The single biggest concern I have is the real possibility that Iran will go ...

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How the Globalization Game is Changing: Assessing Growth and Risk

Growth and risk dynamics for companies operating in world markets are in flux. As global markets emerge from the economic crisis, talk is heating up about the need for global rebalancing- the idea that nations with large trade surpluses should encourage domestic spending, while those with enormous trade and budget deficits must foster stronger consumer saving. Driving the discussion are ...

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