Talent Management


Six Tips for Workplace Mindfulness

In the age of obsessive multitasking, research shows that slowing down can lower employee stress, improve focus and ultimately boost the company's bottom line.

Five Phrases To Avoid During A Crisis

In the age of "cancel culture," a CEO whose messaging rings hollow or self-serving can easily lose credibility. Language matters.

Effective Leadership: CEOs Need Both IQ And EQ

Should leaders be high-thinking? Or high-feeling? That's actually the wrong question—since the best leaders manage to be the best of both.

How To Get More Women To The Top

If CEOs want to put more women in senior leadership positions, they first have to understand the problem, and then give them the resources they need.

What to Expect in a Post-Covid Work World

It's not clear yet whether changes will be permanent, but it's clear some significant shifts are in the offing.

Cardinal Health’s Mike Kaufmann: “CEOs Cannot Remain Silent” On Racism

With the country at a point of heightened awareness around racial injustice, U.S. CEOs have been issuing statements in support of their employees of...

Better Meetings During Covid: Simple, Practical Tips From A Seasoned CEO

When our company started talking about how to improve our meetings in the era of Covid, I reached out to John Kramer. John’s one of...

Upskilling Requires Partnership, Creativity​ and ​Courage

Of the 40 million jobs that have been lost, the hard truth is that many of them may not be coming back. Here's what companies need to do to stay competitive.

Why Every CEO Is Now A New CEO

None of us has ever led an organization through a crisis like Covid-19 and we don't have all the answers—so let's not pretend that we do.

5 Best Practices For Strengthening Your 1-On-1s

In the age of remote work, individual conversations with your direct reports have never been more important. Here's how to make them work for you.

Leading A Distributed Workforce: Keys from Collins, Christensen, Drucker and Deming

For advice on how to catch up to the future of work—and do it well—consider the timeless insights of the masters of management theory.
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July Survey Finds CEO Optimism On Economy Nearing Pre-Crisis Levels

Chief Executive’s July survey of 326 U.S. CEOs shows an increase in optimism about the 2021 economy. But the November election may be the monkey wrench.