Actionable Business Intelligence for CEOs

In addition to the proprietary research used for Chief Executive magazine editorial features, including the CEO Confidence Index, annual rankings of the Best & Worst States for Business and the CEO & Senior Executive Compensation Report for Private Companies, we conduct survey-based research throughout the year to gather firsthand accounts from CEOs on top-of-mind issues.


CEO & Senior Executive Compensation Report for Private Companies

With data collected from thousands of U.S. companies, the CEO & Senior Executive Compensation Report for Private Companies showcases more than 140,000 data points – including values by industry, ownership type and company size. The report will help you to structure the right combination of salary, bonus, benefits, perks and equity incentives to attract top talent and retain the talent you have. The report provides information (both real dollar values and percentage of total compensation) on base salary, bonus and equity rewards, benefits and perquisites.

Future Focus: Envisioning the Possibilities Ahead

Attempting to plan for the future can feel futile in an era characterized by tremendous change. Yet, today’s leaders are charged with doing just that. Political, economic, societal and business forces are converging to disrupt accepted norms and upend traditional ways of working and operating. 

Retention Strategies in Healthcare

Few industries have been hit harder by the Great Resignation than healthcare—and little wonder. The added pressure only served to accelerate the rising turnover rates that many healthcare organizations have been struggling with for some time.

Beyond Equity: Strategies to Retain Top Life Sciences Talent

More and more companies are finding that compensation-related retention incentives are no longer enough to keep employees engaged and dampen attrition.

Driving Growth Through Digital Transformation

A sweeping survey of more than 500 leaders at U.S. companies reveals a sizable shortfall in the organizational behaviors needed to drive business growth in the digital age—as well as huge opportunities to learn and leapfrog your competition.