The Challenges Of Filling CIO Roles

With demand high and supply low, it's harder than ever to manage IT chief succession. A key strategy to clearly define the current role and how it will shift in the next few years—and that’s no easy task.

NFTs And The Great Diving Board

The monumental shift and impact these innovations will have on the marketplace cannot be overstated—and for brands ready and willing to take the plunge, the opportunity is there for the taking.

Sitting At The Center Of The Company’s Data Flow

Strategic CFOs are taking charge of data and analytics, culling insights that are passed on to others across the enterprise to improve decision-making.

CEOs See ‘No End in Sight’ To Current Cybersecurity Challenges

More CEOs say the war in Ukraine has affected their companies’ cybersecurity than anything else, and a whopping 85 percent of them see it as a prolonged challenge, “with no end in sight.”

Three Tips for Effectively Leading A Remote Marketing Team

Fully 86% of workers say they feel more productive working remotely, but most also say they needed more support from managers and better technology to do their job.

Overcoming Real And Imagined Roadblocks To Automation

Many companies still struggle to move ahead with clear strategies for tech investments and the organizational changes that must accompany intelligent automation. A few of the biggest myths, dispelled.

Microsoft’s ‘Modern Work’ Guru On What’s Next For Work

Jared Spataro's team is driving research to predict and shape the future of work. "This is literally a once-in-a-generation moment."

Who Is Accountable When AI Fails?

Accountability is a uniquely human ethical priority—one we should embed in the tools we use and the systems that surround them.

Disruption And Value Creation: Unlocking The $5 Trillion Opportunity

To succeed, leaders must stop chasing the disruptors and instead make bold and proactive choices now to ensure stability in the long term. Seven imperatives.

How To Avoid Data Disappointment

Big Data offers great opportunities—and huge dangers. The key to success is ‘one part technology to nine parts vision and great management.’
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New Poll: CEOs Find Challenges In Using Customer Data To Drive Innovation

Ability to harness and sort through data for meaningful insights remains a hurdle, many say. “The key is...finding what is actually relevant.”


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In Poll, Majority of CEOs Say Hybrid Work Is Here to Stay for 2022. Full Virtual? Not so Much

Almost all the CEOs we surveyed in May say they will work in at least partially hybrid mode for the rest of the year—versus just 7 percent who said they'd be fully remote.