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CEOs Must Master Big Data or Risk Going Bust, IBM’s Ginni Rometty Warns


CEOs left bewildered by the jumble of so-called big data at their fingertips better start connecting the dots soon. Otherwise, they could fall behind the competition over the next five years, especially if they're in financial services or healthcare.

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The Danger of Trump Overplaying His Hand

When Ford Motor Co CEO Mark Fields decided to scrap his firm's planned Mexican car factory and add 700 jobs in Michigan following criticism by Donald Trump, he called the move "a vote of confidence" in Trump, but primarily a response to a decline in North American demand for small cars like those that would have been made at the Mexican plant. He said Ford would have made the same decision even if Trump had not been elected.

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Former Trump Critic Joins Dimon to Steer CEO Lobby Group


The selection of a Donald Trump naysayer to help lead America's key lobby group for CEOs has set up a potential clash with the president-elect on trade policy, though, at least for the moment, the gloves appear to be off.

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Here are 2016’s CEO Winners and Losers

Meetings are empowering

From Donald Trump to Pokemon GO to scandals of both the sexual and bogus-account variety, it certainly has been an eventful year for the business world. Here are some of the CEOs who found themselves on top, and others who would rather make 2016 a year to forget.

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