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When it Comes to Vacations, CEOs Have Some Hard Work to Do

CEOs who skip vacations—especially those who brag about it—shouldn't be praised for heir hard work and commitment. They should be punished! At least according to John Cahill, a columnist at Crain's Chicago Business, who says CEOs must improve their own work-life balance if they want to prevent burnt out colleagues from heading for the door.

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Pressure Mounts on Wells Fargo CEO as Scandal Fallout Continues

John Stumpf may have personally apologized for the fake accounts crisis enveloping what was once one of America’s most reputable companies. Questions, however, are being asked about whether the Wells Fargo CEO said sorry the right way. Wells Fargo last Thursday agreed to pay a $185 million fine after it opened 2 million unauthorized accounts, without customers’ knowledge, to help meet ...

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Why it’s OK for CEOs not to be Nice

It may seem logical to assume that most employees want a friendly boss who's more than happy to pull up a chair and patiently listen to their grievances, or actively seek out their opinions on how to manage the company better. But perhaps those employees just don't know what's good for them.

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