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How CEOs Can Fix the Flaws in Their Risk-Sensing Programs

Risk sensing harnesses analytics in the risk management space, scanning big data to generate insights into strategic risks—that is, when done right. A new Deloitte/Forbes Insights study found that four in five (80%) companies have risk sensing capabilities. However, many companies’ risk sensing efforts today have potentially serious flaws.

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Navigating Risk: How to Avoid the 5 Most Common Mistakes

In Against the Gods, the best-seller about the history of measuring risk, author Peter Bernstein writes that the difference between modern times and the past is the “mastery” of risk. Understanding, weighing and acting on risk is a fundamental task for chief executives.

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CEOs Are Hesitant to Count On Consumer Spending to Fuel Their Growth

The growing U.S. economy and plunging gasoline prices suggest that American consumers should be helping things out by loosening their pocketbooks. But savvy CEOs are hedging their bets on a return of the robustly spending shopper anytime soon, and for good reason.

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