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The Power of Saying Thank You in Business

As Thanksgiving Day rapidly approaches, we all begin to get an attitude of gratitude. Americans are accustomed to the idea to setting aside time once a year to be thankful for their families and the good fortune they've enjoyed throughout the year. But when did you last set aside time to be thankful in your business life? How often do you thank your customers or your staff?

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A Strategy for Winning Back Customers and Reviving Revenue Growth

What do you do when sales are flat, new product lines from competitors have nibbled away at revenues, and your very brand name has become a price-tag punch line (“Whole Foods? No, Whole Paycheck,” quipped Stuart Elliott in The New York Times)? If you’re Whole Foods Market, you quadruple your advertising budget and launch the first national advertising program in your 35-year history.

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What Bourbon Makers Can Teach the Oil Industry

The market for crude oil is in veritable free fall. The price of a barrel has dropped 30 percent since June, and the ripples have only begun, with analysts warning of everything from bankruptcies of Texas oil fields to economic troubles in big oil-producing nations like Venezuela and Nigeria.

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