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Target Nears Settlement With MasterCard Over Data Breach

With Target close to reaching a settlement with MasterCard Inc. to reimburse financial institutions roughly $20 million for costs they incurred from the retailer’s massive data breach in 2013, this creates a precedent that places more responsibility on CEOs of firms that may be subject to data breaches in the future.

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Oil Layoffs Hit 100,000 and Counting

Since crude prices began tumbling last year, energy companies have announced plans to lay off more than 100,000 workers around the world. At least 91,000 layoffs have already materialized, with the majority coming in oil-field-services and drilling companies, according to research by Graves & Co., a Houston consulting firm.

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See Your Company Through the Eyes of a Hacker

JP Morgan Chase. Target. Sony. Each has been part of the growing number of cyber-attacks against private companies around the world in recent years. In the latter two cases, CEOs were forced to resign in the wake of the breach. Attacks are growing more sophisticated and more damaging, targeting what companies value the most: their customer data, their intellectual property, and their reputations.

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Why CEO Pay Reform Failed

Say-on-pay is the latest in a series of reforms that, in the past couple of decades, have tried to change the mores of the executive suite. For most of the twentieth century, directors were paid largely in cash. Now, so that their interests will be aligned with those of shareholders, much of their pay is in stock.

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