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China Still has Huge Potential for CEOs to Tap

China's economic development is at a crossroads, leaving CEOs around the world fearful a recession there could drag their businesses into the red.

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5 Key Questions that Should Define Your China Strategy


No longer simply the world’s factory, China has become a stronger global competitor and is now exporting capital, services and technology to buyers of all kinds in both developed and developing nations.

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Why CEOs Should Be Concerned About China’s Stock Market Plunge  


Since January, the economy of China, the second largest in the world, has been on a choppy ride that scares many U.S. investors. Year to date, the Shanghai Composite Index has fallen more than 18%. Since the Index reached a high in June of last year, it has fallen more than 42%.

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How to Determine the Critical Difference Between ‘Markets’ and ‘Reforms’ in China

Chief executives may be forgiven for being confused about what is happening between the U.S. and Chinese governments when it comes to use of the terms "markets" and "reforms." As a recent article in the Wall Street Journal suggests, President Obama's administration is expecting that Chinese President Xi Jinping will make commitments to more market-oriented reforms when he visits Washington this month.

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Seven Tips for Succeeding in Asia


1. Pick a segment within a fast-growing market sector that still has an unmet need your company can fulfill with a differentiated product or service.

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