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Sovereign Wealth Funds Favor Middle-Market Firms, But Is Change Afoot?

Sovereign wealth funds (SWFs)—pools of money derived from a country's reserves, which are set aside for investment purposes—haven’t traditionally placed their bets on U.S. middle-market firms, especially when the financial crisis led them to worry that doing so would involve them in a lengthy period of turmoil. But now, they are “channeling money into U.S. mid-market funds,” according to a report published by Buyouts Insider and global law firm Duane Morris.

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How Mid-Market Companies Can Ward Offer Cyber Thieves

Big companies make the most inviting targets for hackers, and plenty of them have paid huge prices for having inadequate defenses against sophisticated cyber crimes. But the fact is, mid-market CEOs also need to be worried about their companies’ vulnerabilities to criminals who would invade their operations digitally. And some new efforts are arising—such as one in metropolitan Detroit that ...

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