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P&G’s Innovation Initiatives

Long lauded for the deeply instilled processes that enabled it to build household-name brands, P&G has struggled to continue that winning streak over the past decade. Under CEO David Taylor, who was charged with addressing that issue when he took the helm in 2015, the company is looking to reignite the innovation engine by accessing ideas from frontline employees who ...

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Immigration: A Focus on H1-B

Immigration may be the most-charged issue that President-elect Trump has to deal with, both politically and economically. And CEOs intend to have their say. For example, digital-tech chieftains led by Google CEO Eric Schmidt backed Hillary Clinton for president, motivated in part by the conviction that she would expand the H1-B specialty-occupation visa program. It gives thousands of jobs to ...

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Bringing the Workforce Together

External concerns will engage CEOs under a Trump administration, but in the early term they may have a more important obligation and even challenge: ensuring post-election peace inside the company.

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Why CEOs Need to Adopt an Agile Workforce


As organizations strive to deal with digital disruption and globalization, many are turning to agile workforce strategies to meet the demands.

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PwC Chairman ‘Doubles Down’ on Diversity in Wake of Election Concerns

Strength in unity

A common reaction to the election of Donald Trump as president, especially among Hillary Clinton’s supporters, was deep concern about what they saw as his disfavor of and even outright discrimination against minority communities and women.

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