5 Smart Cybersecurity Moves From Top Security CEOs

Four CEOs of major information security companies outline the steps they would personally take to secure their information and their computing devices.

There is much that is written about cybersecurity threats to companies. Prominent examples of security breaches like the one that Target announced on December 19, 2013 have led myriad companies to re-evaluate their security posture, and investments in new security processes and technologies have increased in many companies as a result.

The complexity of security threats to individuals has also increased, but no individual cybersecurity issue will receive the headlines that a corporate breach would, so one can be lulled into a false sense of security. I sought the counsel of four CEOs of major information security companies to ask them what steps they take personally to secure their information and their computing devices.  They offered the following five recommendations.

Manage Your Passwords Wisely
All four CEOs highlighted the need to more actively manage one’s passwords.  Dov Yoran, the CEO of ThreatGRID, says, “Use complex passwords and pass codes, and change the important ones regularly, and don’t share your passwords or devices with anyone.” Andre Durand, the CEO of Ping Identity, says of one’s mobile computing, “Put a PIN on it. When so much hinges off our phones, protecting it against trivial breach is critical and easy.”

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