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Rupiah Politics

It may lose something in translation, but Indonesian politics———not normally a rich source of humor-has finally spawned its first joke. [...]

Charles Darwent March 1 2000

In Like a Lamb

Stroll along the beach at the Sydney suburb of Homebush Bay these days and you will see a shimmering vision [...]

Charles Darwent October 1 1999

Malaysia Runs Down the Clock

Stand outside the office of Malaysia‘s prime minister, Mahatir Mohamad, and you may fancy you hear two clocks ticking. The [...]

Charles Darwent July 1 1999

Water Works

“If you had asked me about the differences between French and American companies 10 years ago, I would have said [...]

Charles Darwent April 1 1999

China’s Private Moment

When Jeremy Frearson received another edict from the Chinese Bureau of Petrochemical Industry last January, he accepted it with a [...]

Charles Darwent April 1 1999

Scraping the Sky

Peer over the terrace of Joe Adman’s 21st-floor Hong Kong apartment and you will be rewarded with one of the [...]

Charles Darwent January 1 1999

When the Chips are Down

There’s a story that Pasquale Pistorio, president and CEO of STMicroelectronics, relishes. In July 1980, Pistorio, then head of Motorola’s [...]

Charles Darwent January 1 1999

Grimm Reaper

For a nation raised on the blood-curdling tales of the Brothers Grimm, the morning of 28 September must have come [...]

Charles Darwent November 1 1998

Designing Mind

“The first time we came to Boston, it was T really amazing,” says Charles Edelstenne, hands waving in Gallic semaphore. [...]

Charles Darwent October 1 1998

Peso Politics

Wander into one of Mexico‘s neighborhood tianguis these days and you may find yourself distracted by a strange new noise. [...]

Charles Darwent September 1 1998

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