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CEO Positions of the Week: 6/2/14

Find your next career move. These four companies are looking for new CEO leadership. CEO Positions May 30 2014

Healthcare is a Top Challenge but CEOs Are Committed

After years of absorbing double-digit price increases with declining benefits, mid-market companies now expect increased healthcare investments to yield positive returns on investment. HR/Employee Strategies , Mid-Market Report May 21 2014

CEO Confidence “Good” in May

CEO CONFIDENCE INDEX, MAY 2014: CEOs rated their expectations at 6.16 out of a possible 10, indicating that they believe business conditions will be “good” a year from now. CEO Confidence Index May 20 2014

The Imperial City

Columnist Peggy Noonan recently opined that Americans feel less like citizens and more like subjects. We are dictated to, not consulted. We are told to get in line or feel the wrath of the state. Washington has that effect. Governance May 16 2014

CEO Positions of the Week – 5/27/14

This week’s CEO positions take us from coast to coast, representing manufacturing companies in California, South Dakota, South Carolina and Connecticut. CEO Positions May 15 2014

CEO Positions of the Week – 5/19/14

A software/services company and a telematics startup are looking for CEOs. CEO Positions May 15 2014

Infographic of the Week: Corporate Sense of Purpose Leads to Growth

Organizations with a strong sense of purpose are more likely to invest in initiatives that can lead to long-term growth. Budgeting , Strategy May 15 2014


THORN Why put the open Internet at risk by ceding control over ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers)? [...] Green Business , Internet May 15 2014

7 Tips to Successfully Recruit Top Manufacturing Talent

As the economy continues to slowly improve, the battle to attract and retain top management and technical talent is once again heating up. Successful mid-market manufacturing companies shared some of their best practices for attracting and retaining their key people with hard-to-replace skills and abilities. Manufacturing Newsletter , Mid-Market Company May 13 2014

Weighing Your Needs

Traditional financing is tested, tried and true—a financial lifesaver for many companies. But, traditional financing can often be slow to materialize and onerous to obtain—not the best recipe for a business sensing a need to pounce on an opportunity now. Financing/Investing/Startups May 13 2014

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