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Dale Buss is a long-time contributor to Chief Executive, Forbes, The Wall Street Journal and other top-flight business publications. He lives in Michigan.

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NY’s Effort to Attract Tech Firms Is High-Profile but Narrowly Targeted

New York State economic-development officials are using a big national TV-advertising campaign to tout their tax-free START-UP NY program. But critics already are panning everything about it, including the strict limitations on the types of companies the effort is attempting to attract, where they can be located, the cost of running the advertisements and the potential political motivations of Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo in launching it.

Dale Buss Best & Worst States May 8 2014

3D Printing Opportunities Are Cutting Across Every Industry

One by one, 3D printing—also known as additive manufacturing—promises to transform just about every type of manufacturing industry, as well as a healthy amount of logistics firms, in the U.S. and worldwide. CEOs and business owners in an increasing range of verticals must be aware of the opportunities—and threats—facing them.

Dale Buss Manufacturing Newsletter May 7 2014

A Warning for Texas

The relatively low-tax and limited-regulation policies adopted by the state of Texas have provided it with many economic and commercial advantages over other states.

Dale Buss Best & Worst States May 6 2014

Offshoring R&D: More Popular, but is it Wiser?

Procter & Gamble’s shiny new global R&D center in Singapore is a gleaming example of how major U.S. and European companies see the future of product innovation being concocted abroad rather than at home. But manufacturing CEOs and business owners face a number of issues in making a similar decision. The question becomes, “Is offshoring R&D the right decision for your business?”

Dale Buss Manufacturing Newsletter May 5 2014

Union Position Weakens After UAW Surrenders in Tennessee

Business chiefs who don’t like Big Labor interference or the threat of union representation at their facilities will be happy with the news that United Auto Workers has given up on its goal of unionizing the Volkswagen plant in Chattanooga, Tenn. and is leaving town.

Dale Buss Manufacturing Newsletter May 5 2014

CEOs Should Rethink National Manufacturing-Cost Assumptions

A new study by Boston Consulting Group is ratifying the strategy being pursued by many U.S. CEOs and business owners: to shift output back to the United States and away from countries such as China and Poland. The reason: Manufacturing-cost structures in the U.S. and other places nearby have dramatically improved, while those in once-reliable low-cost-producer nations have risen significantly.

Dale Buss Manufacturing Newsletter May 5 2014

Is Toyota’s Shift from California to Texas a Sign of More to Come?

There are all sorts of implications that can result from Toyota’s decision to pull up stakes in southern California and move its North American headquarters to northern Texas. The move will also underscore the importance of factors besides financial incentives as crucial determinants in the economic-development sweepstakes.

Dale Buss Economic Development , Operations May 2 2014

The Mulally Effect: How to Achieve a Smooth CEO Succession

The coming succession of Ford CEO Alan Mulally by current COO Mark Fields in July—which was announced on Thursday—has had its ups and downs. But its relatively smooth path has lots of company chiefs and would-be CEOs admiring how the whole thing has been handled, and wishing and hoping they can do the same.

Dale Buss Leadership May 2 2014

CEOs Gain Some Confidence in Economy, but Remain Wary

More CEOs and business owners are expressing confidence in U.S. economic growth these days, including decisions to boost capital spending and to lay out more cash to back up their new attitude. But their tea leaves remain muddied because of regular reminders that the American economy is still a long way from the robustness it enjoyed prior to the financial crash of 2008 and its subsequent Great Recession.

Dale Buss Financing/Investing/Startups , Profitability/Growth May 1 2014

Chevron CEO Shows Rewards of Standing up to Green Bullies

CEOs often opt to settle suits brought by environmentalists and other third parties against companies all around the world. Chevron CEO John Watson just demonstrated the potential rewards of sticking things out and fighting for ultimate justice rather than kowtowing to the rabid complaints of extreme progressives wanting to stick it to “big oil.”

Dale Buss CEO Briefing Newsletter , Governance/Compliance , Leadership & Strategy April 6 2014

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